A Spiritualism Course Review Through The ULC

I'll start my essay by first stating that I have never been big on reading, let alone someone who seeks out studying information from books. I have discovered that what comes from books are always someone else's beliefs or opinions that might or might not resonate with your own personal life lessons. What I think is that we can only recognize information that our soul is ready for- if we're not ready for it, then we will not be able to absorb it in this particular lifetime.

New souls have had to be created as the planet's population increased, which happens if there aren't any previous souls ready to reincarnate. Nothing is ever "predestined", which is why it takes many, many lifetimes to evolve to the next soul age.

There is, as expected, a lot more detail involved, but I'm just trying to give an overview of some of the things that I've learned during my own life's journey.

Armed with this knowledge, I began the Defining Spiritualism course.

Upon finishing this course, I came away with mixed feelings about the course, largely because of disagreements with the author. I found it quite odd that a course mainly written to showcase various forms of spiritual philosophy was written by an author who basically says at the end that he doesn't apparently believe in philosophy.

I think the background information and the various schools of thought were well done. I wasn't, however, in agreement with a few of the author's personal conclusions.

Here are some of those disagreements that I found during the Universal Life Church Seminary course, which is based upon my own concept of what was written - right or wrong.

· The author believes that 'thought' can never answer the question about spiritual truth.

I feel this is wrong based upon my own personal experiences. There are many ways to discover insight and truths, and if you're ready to understand something, then you will be lead to that information through whatever means you're ready for.

Synchronistic events are what I consider to be thought-related guidance. While some events may be intuitive, the vast majority are things that happen which are meant to make us 'think' about what they mean. They help us to question, ponder, and dig deeper for information within ourselves. Truly, when you can achieve trust in combined mental, emotional and intuitive guidance, you will begin to understand everything on a much deeper level.

· The author also made personal statements sounding like fact such as, "Help the people you minister to by encouraging social interaction. This is such a necessary part of the human condition..."

I can personally tell you that this isn't true. That is the problem with many people, they teach in terms of absolute fact based upon their own personal beliefs and assumptions, that they leave those who don't fit that mold, feeling like there is something wrong with them. The fact is, by the time our soul reaches advanced levels, we have already, "been there, done that" in so many previous lifetimes, that it just no longer holds meaning for us anymore.

I believe ministers or anyone for that matter, on a profound spiritual journey, would do well to avoid seeing in personal absolutes when it comes to teaching others.

In closing my review of this Universal Life Church course, I'd like to include my favorite Buddhist quote, "Don't believe something, only because I have said it." I tell this to everyone I talk to about what I've learned. Therefore, I tell you now, do not accept what I've told you and don't believe what you read or hear, believe -- only that which you experience yourself, directly. The answers lie within, not outside of you.