Signs And Symptoms Of Stomach Ulcer

Stomach is the only organ in the body that is responsible for digestion of food and provide energy from the food to whole body. An ulcer is an open sore, or lesion, usually found on the skin or mucous membrane areas of the body. Stomach and the duodenum most commonly affected by Peptic ulcers. Duodenum is the upper part of the small intestine. Stomach and the duodenum both are responsible for the process of high quantities of gastric juices necessary to break food down into digestible particles. These juices are mostly hydrochloric acid, a substance that can dissolve ingested food as well as body tissues.

To protect the stomach and duodenum walls against damage from this acid, both organs are coated with a protective mucus layer. Additionally, bicaronate ions are secreted by the lining of the stomach and the duodenum.Under normal conditions, this mucus layer and the alkalinizing bicarbonate ions protect the stomach and digestive tract. When the lining is weak and there is decreased bicarbonate secretion, some of the stomach tissues may erode. An eroded spot is called a peptic ulcer.

Symptoms of Stomach Ulcer includes indigestion, discomfort, pain in the abdomen, burning sensation in stomach, stomach obstruction, fullness in stomach, pain when hungry, pains after meals, black stools, weakness, vomiting blood, blood in stools, weight loss, gastric formation and less or no appetitive. If you observe any of the above mentioned symptoms you should immediately consult your doctor or health care professionals.

Some important tips to keep yourself away fom Stomach Ulcer

1) Avoid excessive smoking

2) Take antacids in prescribed doses.

3) Eat only small meals three times a day. Stop over eating.

4) Eat only small meals three times a day. Stop over eating.

5) Avoid alcohol, coffee, colas, spicy foods, food containing tomato, chocolate and caffeine.  

6) Does not use over dose of antibiotic medicines and anti inflammatory medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen etc. on a regular basis.

7) Chew food before swallowing.

Above mentioned tips will help you keep your body away from stomach ulcers. Fortunately of the treatment of stomach ulcers and formation of acids in the stomach there are various medicines are available in the market. Protonix is one of the most effective, trusted and recommended by doctor. Protonix is a prescription medicine used or the treatment of stomach ulcers and formation of acids in the stomach. Pantoprazole is the main ingredient of this medicine. Protonix is used to treat a condition characterized by severe and recurrent peptic ulcers in the stomach. It works by reducing gastric acid secretion and increases gastric mucus and bicarbonate production, creating protective coating on gastric mucosa. It is available in the form of tablets and injection. It can be used for other medical conditions as prescribed by doctor.

Precaution before taking Protonix

1) People allergic to Protonix or to its ingredient should not use this medicine.

2) Diabetic patients taking this medication should get their glucose levels checked regularly and look for signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia.

3) Alcoholic drink should be avoided if you are taking treatment of this medicine.

4) Use of this medicine is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mother without doctor recommendation as use of this medicine may harm the health of unborn baby or nursed child.

Before taking Protonix medicine you should inform your Doctor if you are taking any prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine to avoid any side effect. As it is a prescription medicine so take it as prescribed by the doctor. Do not increase or decrease the dose of the medicine on you own. It should be taken with a glass of water with or without food. Try to take this medicine at the same time each day. Keep all medicines away from the reach of the children and pet.