Facts About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Many women are known to suffer from low sexual drive or difficult orgasm. While some women are not trouble by such intimate issues, but some are. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is actually a combination of several types of intimate issues that hinder lovemaking. They include:

A woman might experience a combination of the above-mentioned issues, which are usually related to each other. FSD can be temporary or lifelong. It can happen at any point of time in the life, more commonly after menopause.

A healthy sexual life depends on certain factors, such as physiology, hormonal secretions, lifestyle, health issues, medications, psychological issues and marital or family problems. It is essential to consult doctor to identify and correct the underlying cause so that you can recover from FSD.

Treating FSD

Treatment often depends on the cause of sexual dysfunction. A combination of treatments works best in order to restore sexual function. If an underlying medical condition is causing an intimate issue, talk to your medical advisor right away.

Psychological Counseling

The first and foremost - you should talk to your partner about your sexual inadequacies. Sometimes a healthy communication is what all you need. If required, you can seek help from a counselor who can assist you in coping with sexual dysfunction. Sexual therapy can be beneficial, which is usually the last option.

Lifestyle Changes

It is known fact that obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol can lead to sexual issues. So, what you need is a change in your lifestyle. Lose weight, eat healthy, exercise, stop smoking, limit alcohol and get adequate amount of sleep in order to restore sexual function. Find ways to enhance your self-esteem and confidence.


Medicines are prescribed for treating the underlying cause. For example, if you experience FSD due to high blood pressure, you need antihypertensive medicines. Also, talk to your doctor about OTC or prescription medicines that are causing intimate issues.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal issues can cause vaginal dryness and painful coition. Estrogen therapy can help overcome these issues. Local estrogen is inserted directly into the vaginal tract. It is also available in pill, skin-patch, spray and gel form. Very few women may experience the adverse effects such as blood clots and stroke; hence, it is always better to ask doctor whether it is safe to use estrogen therapy.