In Summer There Are Always Some Gynecological Inflammation Cannot be Avoided!

In summer, there are always some gynecological inflammation cannot be avoided!

Summer for woman is both love and hate, you can wear a sexy and beautiful short skirt, but worry about sunburn, delicate makeup will be stained because of the sweat. But, when you are paying attention to these problems, there are a wave of disease of gynaecology has quietly watching on you.

The gynecological inflammation is most serious in summer!

The first: vaginitis

There is maximum probability that women suffer from vaginitis in summer, vaginitis often accompanied by abnormal vulva itching with burning sensation, increased leucorrhea with abnormal leucorrhea color and smell.

The second: urethritis

Because of the special physiological structure, urethritis for women is prone to onset in this season. Generally speaking, the end of urethral normally has bacteria, but the resistance of urothelium is very strong, urine bacteria can be washed out through urinating, and the disease won't come on.

However, in the summer, women's urethra and bladder is easy to be congestion and swelling. When more sweating but less drinking water, urine do becomes less and thick, so can't wash out invading bacteria in time, result in increasing the chance of bacterial infection.

The third: cervicitis

Because of cervicitis can develop leucorrhoea grow in quantity, which make women feel very uncomfortable. Especially in the rainy seasons, the humidity of the air is very high, most of women will have wet and uncomfortable feeling with vagina.

The fourth: pelvic inflammation

Pelvic inflammatory disease primarily by postpartum or after miscarriage infection, or intrauterine operation infection, adjacent organs inflammation of the direct spread. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease caused by acute episodes.

Pelvic inflammatory disease systemic symptom is not obvious; sometimes have a low-fever, depressed, general malaise, insomnia, abdominal pain, lumbar pain, and menoxenia, etc.

For gynecological inflammation, there is promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis of TCM, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Chinese traditional medicine fuyan pill with good treatment effect, it can clear away the heat, antidote toxic and anti-inflammatory.

Disease prevention tips:

Warm reminder: The harm of gynecological inflammation is self-evident to women. Some light inflammation is easy to cure if treated early. But delaying this disease, not only increase the difficulty of treatment, but also cause greater harm to the body.