Top Ten Places For to do Yoga in India

Yoga is regarded as an integral part of the Hinduism, which has been practiced in the country for centuries as an impactful way of freeing the mind, spirit, and body. In the recent scenario, the journeys of yoga have crossed all the limits and have successfully earned gazillions of learners. The impact of it is more powerful in the western India, where it is inspiring a huge number of people to come and practice the traditional forms.

There are many yoga centers in the country, which provides fundamental knowledge of yoga to the depth courses that help a person to be strong in every respect. As a result of which, style of yoga and its approaches is effectively running in the minds of people, but the ways of teaching process vary from place to place. Here are some important places in India that provide proper thoughts to your needs before applying them to reality.

Which place to choose for yoga in India?

India has been a great place to immerse you in the tradition and history and would change easily change anyone's perspective on life. The enchanting culture, ambiance, magic, and beauty of the country attract several tourist and yoga learners across the world. these courses in India are always appreciated by learners. The yoga in India is like bliss for everyone.


A city is a dream place for every yoga practitioners as it is regarded as the "yoga capital of the world". Cuddled in the ludicrous Himalayan ranges, Rishikesh resounds in the natural elegance near the river Ganga, which makes it like a jewel in the spiritual Himalayan crown. You can tap your soul and explore the charm of this place with various schools and ashrams.

Rishikesh is the home of several yogis, sages, and saints, who have been offering the yoga training in the country since ages. They interact with the people in every possible aspect and help them to learn the yoga, meditation, and other spiritual activities on the laps of nature.


The place where the staggering palm trees give you shadow and glowing sun give you courage, and the traditional houseboats stay afloat on the calm rivers, are some of the best attraction of this place. This southern state has various yoga pleasing spots, and the best visit to the yoga holiday would be the capital itself, Trivandrum. The place offers tremendous opportunities to the learners to offer silent meditation and to learn the postures.


The yoga teacher training India is a powerful act that includes best regions like Uttarakhand. The place is a field with beautiful destinations, and above all, the tiger reserve, the Corbett. Apart from the tourist places, Uttarakhand has melange of spots for training, which will soothe your spirit and soul to the fullest such as the Osho Ganga Dham Ashram.


The city is popular for its beaches, hub, and yoga centers. Goa has plenty number of yoga destinations that provide the ancient forms and methods of yoga, which help a person to reconnect their lone soul with the Almighty. Learners from different parts of the world seek this place to enlighten their spirit.


This city is regarded as the best place for yoga in India and birthplace of 20th-century yoga. It is also known as the Ashtanga yoga capital, and more then thousands of people visit this place to study yoga. The beautiful temples and palaces create a different mood and provide an amazing place to practice this, where your efforts will not go into veins.


The city is located near Maharashtra's capital city Mumbai and has the best hub for learning different types of yoga. The place is well-known for two communities, which are BKS Iyengar and Osho.


The enchanting union territory of south India has beautiful shades of centers at every nook and corner of the city. Taking up a yoga course here will introduce you to the spiritual teaching and practices of the yoga in ashrams, which will increase your spirit and soul.


The best place to learn yoga in India will be this place as it helps to draw the spiritual seekers from across the world. It is considered as a home place for the integral yoga. This destination can take your heart away as you will be involved in the deep spiritual vision of the world.


The city has been folded with deep history and traditions from years. It is one of the most famous pilgrimage locations in India and considered as a great place for yoga learning centers. The flourishing temples and holy sites give a fabulous environment to practice to it.


Serenity and natural beauty are enough to make this place a perfect option for yogis to increase their yoga practice. It is one of the most visited places in India for the hill station as well as for the learning centers.

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