Best Yoga Poses For a Strong Core

By practicing certain yoga poses, you will develop lean muscles which will be wrapping up your bones and give you a toned look. Instead of making you have a bulk of muscles; yoga core workout develops your core strength by simply improving your body to be able to have a good posture and motion simply by using the body weight.

You need to practice these yoga poses on a regular basis along with marinating a healthy food habit for having a good and healthy core. With increasing duration of time, efforts have to be made for holding the asanas for a longer duration of time which will make you have advancement in the workouts. The most important aspect of yoga poses for core strength is to have correct breathing technique and pattern.

Breathing correctly during the practice of yoga expands lengthens and softens with inhalation. With the single exhalation during the core yoga sequence, there is firming and contraction in the circumference of the torso. The cylindrical area of the torso includes the back, front and underneath of the body which encompasses the iliopsoas and pelvic diaphragm muscles.

The core of the body is not a specific muscle but includes various muscles which work in a coordinated manner as a team for supporting the pelvis and spine, for providing stability and balance along with generation of mobility and power top lift and function of the entire body as a complete unit. You can simply take out 10 minutes in a day for building very good core strength with the core yoga poses which are described below.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

This asana is very effective in building strength in the core as well in the legs by squatting with the body weight over the feet. Stand in mountain pose (Tadasana) and take a deep breath as you lift your arms. Your upper arms should be beside both the ears and your palms should be faced and need to be only shoulder width apart.

Your shoulders have to be softened into the shoulder socket. Have a deep exhale and bend both your knees for lowering your thighs positioned parallel to the ground as you squat. Ensure your torso to stay elongated as the tailbone reaches to the ground and uplift your head away. Hold the pose for few breaths and then relax by releasing your hands into prayer.

Virabhadrasana 1(Warrior 1)

The warrior pose opens the body and elongates the spinal cord. This asana also improves balance and develops strength in your body. With a single exhalation, take your left leg back and place your toes at an angle of 45 degrees with each other. Place your heels in a single line and inhale to raise your hands high and parallel to each other.

Exhale and soften your shoulders away from both your ears and make a bend at the front knee perpendicularly. Place your knee on the same line with the middle toes. Make a square with your hips to the front part floor mat. Draw your thighs inwards in a gentle manner. Maintain even weight on both the legs as you lift out and up from your pelvis by making a slight arch.

Place your neck in a sift manner by gazing forward along with making a deeper stretch with your hands. Hold the position by gazing forward and inhale while straightening the front leg. Exhale and take place the back foot to the front foot with your arms in the prayer position.

Makarasana (Dolphin pose)

To do this pose, lower the body on your knees and forearms along with placing the knees directly under the elbows and hips right under the shoulders. Place your hands firmly on the mat by clasping your hands or fingers which makes the asana easier to gain tightness in the shoulders.

Tuck your toes under and exhale by lifting your knees off the ground. Lengthen the creases of your hips and open your shoulders. Soften your armpits towards the direction of your head and the map between the upper arms. Press down the heels and lift the inner thighs towards the pelvis and hold the asana as much as possible.

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