Scrapbooking Your Memories Frozen in Time

Storing memories is one of the things people enjoy, and this develops into a pastime for some. An example is scrapbooking. Scrapbooks are a kind of keepsake which commonly contains printed media, pictures, and artwork.

Scrapbooking traces its beginnings to the 15th century; but it was called commonplace books that were trendy with the English. Each commonplace book had the distinct touch of its author. It was a means to put together knowledge that included recipes, quotes, letters, poetry, sayings, and even prayers. Commonplace books were used by scholars, students, writers, and readers to retrieve helpful info and concepts that they had discovered.

Commonplace books developed into relationship keepsakes during the 16th century and resemble modern-day yearbooks. They were even used as souvenirs for European tours and would have local souvenirs such as a coat of arms or works of art that are commissioned by local craftsmen. Today, scrapbooking has actually become embedded in American society and among the favorite pastimes.

Scrapbooking is not a low-cost pastime as it requires a whole lot of art supplies that are added to develop and retell a story behind every entry. Scrapbooks are albums that could have varied formats such as mini-albums and albums that resemble accordions without the keyboards. Modern-day scrapbooking is done on paper with various dimensions: letter size, A4, or 12-inch square. Basic materials for a scrapbook could include background papers like printed or cardstock papers, picture corner mounts, mounting glues, art pens, paper trimmers and various other materials you might get your hands on.

There are scrapbook stores that supply hobbyists with their needs. They give archival materials. The use of archival supplies is just one of the key aspects of scrapbooking. These materials are designed to preserve images and other materials that each entry uses.

Most of these supplies can be bought through scrapbook supplies online which is handy for every scrapbook lover. Scrapbook stores provide stamps, stickers, eyelets, designer paper pads, brads and various designed chipboard elements. They have die cut machines that have grown popular over the years; this lets a scrapbooker produce custom die-cut patterns with every material that allows this technique.

Scrapbook stores assure their patrons of quality supplies for scrapbooking that will help store memories. These supply outlets offer anybody who wants to engage in scrapbooking with complete tools in storing the past. For the scrapbooking hobbyist in you, you may go to or