Collecting Base Ball Autographs A Zealous Hobby For Your Teenager

Collecting autographs from popular players in any sport is a passion with many a child or teenager. In the US, few are those kids who don't have a commendable collection of baseball autographs as part of their sports memorabilia. Needless to say, they go about exchanging these cards with their friends and others with similar hobbies. This is a good way to build a substantial collection of cards because there are chances of holding more than one card of the same type. Giving away this will bring in a brand new one to add your collection.

Baseball ball cards are easily available at various stores selling sports memorabilia. Apart from this, they can also be obtained from online outlets. Every collector aims at getting his card signed by the respective team or player whom it is dedicated to. This becomes possible when a team gives an exhibition match at certain times of the year. This event may be held in a neighboring town, but a devoted fan does not like to miss such an opportunity and will make an effort to attend the game and make the most of seeing the players close quarters and getting their cards signed by them.

For those who can't make it to such games and performances, it's better to rely on the signed memorabilia available freely over the internet and in retail shops. In order to prove authenticity of the autograph, dual matching holograms will be provided. Baseball autographs may be found embossed on gloves, jerseys, lithographs, magazines, bats etc. Signatures may be affixed on balls, helmets and photographs too.

Though most of the autographed articles are priced high, discounts may be offered during some times. You could also visit a clearance sale when the prices are slashed and you may be lucky enough to find a rare item of your favorite sports memorabilia. Gift certificates are also available, which can be presented to a diehard baseball fan. He will be thrilled to buy something to add to his collection of baseball autographs. A collection of memorabilia should be showcased proper display cases where it meets appreciation of others as well.

Another way of getting a baseball autograph would be to find the players address through the net or The Baseball Address Book. Write a pleasant note to the player describing your interest in the game as well as his performance. Enclose a photograph or any baseball accessory like a baseball card or index card and politely ask him to sign on it. In order to impose minimum difficulty on the player, enclose a self addressed envelope along with your letter and ensure that the correct postage has been attached.

There's no guarantee that the player will respond. But a diligent collector will keep sending his request time and again until obtaining a response. Some players on the other hand make it a point to open their fan mail everyday and also comply with the mentioned demand on dispensing autographs .All said and done, there's nothing more joyful than opening an envelope and finding autographed goodies from your favorite player inside.