Mastering The Programming of Linux With Red Hat

Summary: With the advent of latest technology, the demand for programmers and software developers are widespread. This segment is fast becoming popular.


The revolution of Information Technology has broadened the scope for the research and development of various programs and soft wares. These soft wares serve multiple purposes, from easing our daily workload and utility to providing us entertainment. All these programs and software are run by an active operating system of your device. Some of them that are popular right now are iOS, Android, Microsoft, etc. At a time with the improvised technology and tech inventions, every operating system upgrades to the latest version to cater the demands of the market. One such operating system is Linux. Unlike other operating systems which has a single platform, Linux is a group of free and open source software operating system developed on Linux kernel. Linux began its journey as the operating system based solely on the desktop. Today it had evolved into an integrated operating system with its share in Linux kernel based Android smartphone, web servers, television, automation control, smart-watches, tablets, gaming consoles and many more. Some of the leading distributors of Linux are Red Hat Enterprise, Gentoo Linux, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Linux Arch and many more.

How to be Linux Professionals:

Because of the multiple distributors, Linux can be customized variable due to exposure to different software segments. You can also customize the system display graphics and other core components of the user interface. Therefore becoming a certified Linux professionals have become a demanding and profiting career among the IT students. Having an extra certification along with your regular Information Technology degree will give you an extra edge to bag your dream job. Nowadays many institutions and online portals are offering many courses to provide you certification. Among them, the strongest and the reliable ones are The Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) and The Red Hat Certified System Engineer (RHCE).The first one is the primary certification where one can learn about the basics of Linux System while the latter one focuses on NFS services, remote storage connections, configuring DNS server, web server administration and many more. You need to obtain Red Hat Satellite Certifications for better knowledge.

The reason to choose this certification is that it is not only a theoretically based class by just answering some questions by selecting options. The course end test and regular evaluation are solely done on practical method conducted using their technology and programs. The RHCSA and RHCE are highly acclaimed and recognized Linux certification which could provide you highly rewarding career growth. Companies in India and other developing countries like IBM Global Services, Infosys Limited, Wipro Technologies Ltd. are giving a lump sum of average INR 2, 65,410 to INR 1,121,639.You can learn more about Red Hat Satellite Certifications by excelr and start your career today.

Other than Linux, Red Hat offers many different certifications automation, enterprise, 3 scales only to name a few. So you can add an edge to your desired field by enrolling for any of the courses and rise in the career path.

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