Deck Restoration or Deck Replacement?

As Spring arrives, and the weather begins to warm up, many of you will want to get out on the deck and enjoy it with friends and family. But, if your this looks less than appealing or is in need of minor repairs, you might find yourself asking the question: "Can it be restored or should I just replace it?" If this is you, read ahead to find ways you can restore your deck to its original beauty just in time for Spring!

You can potentially save thousands by opting to restore your deck instead of completely replacing it. If the underlying deck structure is still good, it might just need some new boards, railings or steps, but it shouldn't break the bank. Don't fall for a contractor that attempts to convince you to replace an entire deck. Look for signs of damage first! When in doubt, get a second opinion and a thorough inspection. You might be surprised to find out that you didn't need a total replacement for your deck to look and perform as good as new! But first, check out these five signs of deck damage to make sure you know the condition of your deck from a safety standpoint.

Why do Decks Wear Out?

It's a matter of exposure to the elements. Rain and sun both damage wooden decking over time. Was the deck sealed with chemicals? What fasteners were used? How much foot traffic is there? These are all things that can affect the longevity of your wooden deck.

The best thing to do is inspect the underlying structure to see if it is still in good shape. Since the decking boards are providing some protection from the elements, you might be able to just replace the boards and save a lot of money.

Deck Restoration - Installing New Deck Boards

It's as simple as that. In cases where the underlying structure is okay, you can replace the deck boards and preferably treat them as well. Use a water repellant from the local hardware store to increase the lifespan of your new boards. You'll also have to replace all the railing at the same time, but it's so much cheaper than replacing the whole deck! Make sure your rafters are even and level before you add the new deck boards.

Hopefully you found this information useful and cost saving! Be sure to only choose a reputable local contractor because you don't want to be billed for an entire replacement when all you need is a quick restoration.