7 Common Thoughts That Moms Have In Their Minds During Her Baby's Baptismal

For people who are religious, like I am, your baby's baptism is generally a very special, unforgettable time. It indicates a new start, a brand new life along with the hope that, someday, your child will take your faith as their very own.

However, for as joyful a day as it might and is generally, it can be stressful, as well. I mean, consider all the things that could most likely go wrong . I don't question there are things every mother thinks throughout her baby's baptism that is not entirely positive and, consequently, are things those mothers refuse to speak out loud.

With a baptism, you will find a slew of possible issues you probably didn't actually think about until your child was wonderfully outfitted with that Beautiful Christening Gown From Sydney, standing to face the church, waiting on the pastor to begin. It's just like a wedding, I would probably imagine: you're under lots of pressure and in front of a big crowd and you don't think about it until you are standing in that gown ( or tux). Here are some of the things I thought throughout my daughter's baptism since just like every part of being a parent, the wonderful and the stressful just go hand-in-hand.

"There Are So Lots Of People Here. Really, Who Are These People ?"

I always realized there were lots of people in our family as well as in our church, but it did not thoroughly hit me until I looked out at the crowd and in any way of the faces looking back at us as we stood up facing our entire congregation. I mean, wow, there have been a lot of people there. Honestly, I cannot really state I knew them all . . .

"I Hope I Don't Speak Or Do Anything Wrong"

As the parent, you're required to state some things and make particular promises throughout your baby's baptism. What if I unintentionally mess up or fail to remember what I'm meant to repeat? After all, I have one task, you guys.

"Please Don't Screw Up Your Lovely Outfit"

My baby's baptism gown was so lovely. We bought it to a well-known Christening Gown Maker From Sydney, and it was truly a priceless outfit! I was deathly scared of messing it up by any means, including my child getting it untidy ( you know, the thing kids tend to do with their clothes).

I suppose this very legitimate thought and worry begs the question: why do we dress infants in such frilly, dressy, great outfits when we don't know when they are going to mess them up or not? I just don't get. I couldn't stand to notice such a good looking outfit all ruined with no way to save it.

"Please Don't Cry. Please Don't Cry. Please Don't Cry ."

There comes a time throughout a baby's baptism when the pastor needs to hold the baby. This was the part I was dreading the most, not because I did not have confidence in the pastor, but because I have been afraid my baby girl wasn't going to be cool with someone else holding her.

So, I quietly promised that I will hold her as soon as I could, and type of wishes that the pastor will hurry it up so my child would be back in my arms and the crying could be held to the very least ( if in any way).

"Please Don't Misbehave"

Asking a child to remain relaxed, still and quiet for just about any time period is a tall order. To ask that infant to do all of the above ahead of a room filled with strangers, being kept by somebody they don't know and getting water on their heads is, you know, fairly absurd.

So, all I possibly could really do was trust that my daughter would not get upset. Also, I follow these great guides.

"You Can Sleep On Me Shortly, I Promise"

The day of your baby's baptism is going to be a long and tiring one, for any involved. I knew that the hustle and bustle of the event ( the members of the family and churchgoers who were showering my baby with love and praise ) were stressful for her. The picture taking, the presents; it all seems like a good time however for a baby that enjoys spending the most of their day sleeping, it may be overwhelming.

So, I spent enough time encouraging my little one that, before she realized it, it would be over and she can fall asleep on me. The kid was a trooper, to say the least.

"You'll Eat When This Is Over"

This one is fairly straightforward. There's no food permitted in the sanctuary of the chapel, though, so my infant had to wait for just a little while before I was able to provide her something to drink.

"You Don't Know This Now, But This Moment Means The whole thing To Me"

I can imagine that, for a child, a baptism is too much to handle. After all, the entire event was pretty too much to handle for me, too, and there was clearly so much to do and plan and suit.

However, that day possesses a very important, special objective that I take so extremely seriously. Someday, I hope that she looks back at it and believes it as warmly as I know I'm likely to remember it.