Gifting Options For 5 Year Old

By the time your child enters the age of five, he or she is ready to take big leaps and will be in the stage of entering primary school. For parents it may just seem like they were training them on various aspects and now they are all cooperative and independent. You will start witnessing a routine in their life along with more of curiosity and affection towards individuals. But, does it mean that your role is over in helping them develop their skills?

No, your role is not yet over because the child needs to be developed physically, mentally and socially. Schools definitely play a major role in making the child develop these skills, but he or she does not remain in school all day long. Parents need to make sure that once the child is back home , he or she must be having appropriate toys to play with. Inappropriate toys can prove to be destructive for a child, socially and mentally in precise.

To know if your child is doing well or not, you need to understand the skills that he or she must be having by the age of five. Below is the list of developments in a five year old:

⦁ Socio-Emotional- This is the skill which develops simultaneously along with other skills. It does not require special traing but an environment. Social development takes place when the child starts interacting with others and emotional development takes place when child starts expressing his or her emotions. For a five year old, socialising, following direction, respecting and caring, working in a group are all a part of development in socio-emotional skills.

⦁ Sensorial and Logical- These skills make the child use their logical and reasoning skills. All learning and thinking are a part of sensorial and logical. Understanding the concepts of cause and effect, solving complex paterns, understanding of dimensions(Length, width and height). These skills are made to develop in this age so that they can put use of these skills in future.

⦁ Motor (Fine and Gross)- The use of big and small muscles will be more and better by the time the child reaches the age of five. There will be a rise in confidence of the child as they will be handling different challenging tasks like throwing rings on the rod, carrying a heavy tray, throwing and catching balls. These all are a part of gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are developed on a regular basis like buttoning the shirt, zipping the pant.

⦁ Maths and language- The language and numeracy skills will start to improve as your child will grasp new opportunities by solving simple problems. Your child will start reading simple sentences, use articles and start writing clearly. From maths point of view he or she will start solving simple math problems. Change in place value, venn diagrams and number will also improve.

Now when we have a knowledge on the skills that a five year old should have, let us scroll through the toys which is a perfect fit for a five year old:

The above toys are an effective way in which parents can make the child develop various other skills which cannot be learnt at school. They will get hold of a lot of opportunities in school as well as home. These toys play a very important role in keeping the child happy and engaged.