The Process of Paying Your Nanny is a Breeze

When it comes to nanny payroll, do yourself a favour and outsource the process. There are providers able to take care of this for you on a regular basis. They will adhere to the amount and the payment schedule you have agreed upon. You may be out of town often or just forget and you don't want your nanny upset! This process ensures they always get paid on time!

Since they are your employee, there are various calculations that have to be taken care of. If you pay them a flat rate per month, the gross earnings will always be the same. However, if you pay them based on hours then the total hours for that pay period need to be submitted for the nanny payroll process to be completed accurately.


For most people, the gross pay is easy enough to figure out and to keep track of. However, that isn't the amount of money that gets paid to them. This can be complex and errors can occur. With a nanny payroll service, you can be confident the right deductions are taken out and for the right amounts. This includes taxes, pension, and any other agreed upon deductions.

While you have to adhere to the laws, many people fail to do so and that catches up with them. Some try to avoid the taxes intentionally, but most don't fully realise they are responsible for such deductions. With a company taking care of nanny payroll for you, there is never going to be any issue. Such there be a problem, they can also help you with the government.

They can write letters, show documentation, and even go to court on your behalf. If you don't have someone taking care of nanny payroll, you will be completely on your own to take care of any such concerns.


You may have paid vacations or bonuses you wish to extend to them as a sign of appreciation for the work they do for your family. You can have those amounts set up with the service to be paid at the intervals you choose. You can also contact the nanny payroll service provider at any time and ask for such a check to be created for the individual.

Easy to Set Up

It isn't hard to get it all set up. Spending some time with the provider to give them essential information and to share what you are after with them is all it takes. Then they can take care of the rest for your ongoing. If you need any changes, they will be happy to get them taken care of for you.

For example, you may give your nanny a raise down the road and then the pay needs to be adjusted. As your children get older, you may need a nanny less so the pay may be reduced. There is plenty of flexibility with the agency so you always get the results you need for that point in time.


It is convenient, affordable, and saves you time to have a professional take care of this for you. As the laws change, they can notify you about how that will influence payroll issues as well. In the long run, it can also save you money because you aren't going to have to worry about mistakes that cost you legal fees or fines. Make sure you select a proven leader in this industry.

Find out what they offer, the cost, and their experience. Find out about their current customer load and how long they have been helping them. Then you can relax and make sure your nanny is properly compensation for the work they complete for your household.