Why Lpg Conversion Is Best For Your Car And The Environment

Your car may probably be one of your most important and essential assets. Because you need it in your daily commute, you always make sure that it is in a tip-top shape. Regular maintenance is a must to ensure that your car will not break down on you. Another good thing that you can do for your car is LPG conversion. And not only would you improve the performance of your car and ensure that it serves you better and for a longer period of time, you would also be helping the environment.

Benefits of LPG to Your Car:

If you are using petrol and diesel, fuel reaches your car's engine in liquid form. With LPG, the fuel is turned into gas form when it reaches the engine. As a result, your car has a better combustion for optimum performance. Coupled with regular maintenance, there will be fewer repairs to be done on your car which would save you a lot of money.

Diesel conversion to LPG can provide your car with smoother ignition compared with other fuels. The high octane content of auto-gas makes this possible and no additives are needed once conversion has been done on your car. Plus, LPG is cleaner for the engine because it contains no lead, thus dirt accumulation is reduced which translates to less servicing.

You can also save on your fuel because an auto-gas engine does not leak. There is nary a chance that fuel leakages will happen once you have done an LPG conversion on your car. In addition, there is less possibility of pilfering or theft.

Benefits of LPG to the Environment:

It is a known fact that petroleum has a great impact on the environment. The carbon footprint that cars produced is one of the biggest contributors to the environmental degradation. Not only carbon emission from petroleum is a threat to the environment but also the health of people.

An alternative fossil fuel, LPG has been proven to be safer to use in your vehicle compared with traditional petroleum. If you convert your car to use LPG, the amount of carbon dioxide it will emit is less than 20 percent from the previous emission rate when it was still using petroleum, and 2 percent less when it was diesel-fueled.

Furthermore, diesel conversion to LPG reduces the engine noise of your car. Another great thing about converting your engine to use LPG is that you can still revert to using petroleum in the event that you failed to have access to LPG. However, because of the growing number of vehicle owners who converted to LPG, it will not take long for LPG stations to become available in many cities and towns.

When it comes to cost savings, nothing can beat the LPG. It is at least 40 percent cheaper compared with petroleum and 20 percent less than the diesel price. Additionally, the government is offering tax rebates or cuts to encourage vehicle owners to use LPG.