Are You Ready For The 2016's Automobile Industry?

From the recent years, automobile industryhas seen a significant rise in the sales ratio. Also the internet has become more commonplace to create a new platform for consumers to access information about the specifications of the vehicles, prices and competitive advantage. The automobile industry is evolving with the advanced technology, customer preference, and competitive market also driving new innovation with the latest trends.

Here are the latest trends that need to be updated in the 2016's automobile industry.

1. Hands Free Driving

Automated driving technology has started to creep into many cars. The radar based cruise control technique will happily keep up with stop/start traffic, with little effort from a driver. Also it will come up with the one more feature i.e. Car-to-X communication system for safety of the driver comes with the sensor system that see lane to keep out of danger.

Right now, just driver has to keep hands on the wheel at all the time. In future big companies are planning to make great progress in proving that their technology is better than human beings. So keep waiting for the hands free driving cars in the upcoming days.

2. Apps will invade in your cars

It has taken a long time for mobile apps to invade in your cars. 2016 will be the year you can finally plug in your smartphones and access apps on the drive. Some of the top brands like Volvo, Ford, and Mercedes will all support for this innovation and it will make it easier for anyone to utilize this innovation in their cars. Few tech gigs says that Android Auto offers the best smartphone integration and number of developers are working on car friendly apps.

3. Internet of Things

Smart technology, big data and internet of things are not part of the tech companies. Nowadays many automobile industry manufacturers are constantly looking for the ways to leverage these technologies to improve their process, products and customer satisfaction. As well as in the online world, auto mobile industries need to keep place and ensure their products to create brand name in order to reach consumers.

4. Following Rigorous Standards

In order to ensure the overall quality of the cars, some of the regulatory bodies are increasingly dealing with the car manufacturers to include safety features in the vehicle. Also rising standards on product safety, fuel efficiency and following stringent regulations to ensure the safety of software embedded in the cars. Therefore automotive software safety is becoming the key concerns for developers from recent days.

5. Increased Importance On Electronics And Software

Software affects on increased portion of the cost as well as features offered by the cars. Along with the software, embedded devices are increasingly used to expand capabilities of road vehicles such as autonomous driving and parking, driverless cars etc. These transformation demands automobile industry to shift their attention from manufacturing to advanced technology.

On the whole, 2016 has shaped an exciting year for the automobile industry. Along with the embedded technology and software, other fields are increasingly forced to gain proficiency that traditionally weren't adopted in the automobile industry. So learning to deal with the fundamental requirements and challenges of automotive development will greatly affect the success in the automobile industry.

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