Methanol Injection Kits For A Powerful Boost In Performance

Those of us who own a race car (for either professional or rookie racing) always crave for more power in our machines. Through constant modification such as new parts installation or fine tuning, we look for ways to boost the performance of the car. So when you're looking for more power from the vehicle, you must explore one of the most underrated performance boosting method - the methanol injection. By injecting a predetermined mix of water and methanol into the air intake of the car's engine, your car gets all the benefits of racing gas at a fraction of the cost of unleaded racing fuel.

The water/methanol injection process involves the use of methanol injection kits to provide a significant boost to the car's horsepower by suppressing detonation. This detonation is a result of an increase in exhaust temperature, which itself is a result of the natural increase in intake temperature when the turbo or supercharger boost of the car goes up. And how the methanol injection kits work is that a fine mist of methanol and water is injected into the intake system to reduce the air intake temperature. As it is injected, the mini droplets from this mist absorb all the heat from the intake air, thereby decreasing the exhaust temperature. This, in turn, leads to a more effective burning of fuel, boosting the horsepower in the process.

Among the many benefits that the methanol injection method provides to your car, the most obvious one is a boost in performance. The methanol injection method provides a liquid intercooling effect that increases the air density, thereby effectively boosting the pressure and increasing the horsepower by up to 20%. At the same time, the method also greatly reduces the chances of engine-damaging detonation by lowering the exhaust temperature, and as a result, the intake charge temperatures.

Also, as touched upon earlier, the methanol injection method provides a better bang for your buck as compared to the conventional unleaded racing fuel. To put it in perspective, the methanol injection method costs pennies per gallon while the unleaded fuel costs around $12 per gallon. Finally, it also provides engine maintenance with the water/methanol mist from the methanol injection kit cleaning parts like valve, valve seats, etc., while also reducing the carbon buildup in the engine.

The methanol injection method is one of the most effective ways to boost the performance of your race car, doing the work in a cost effective manner. Look for methanol injection kits for sale today and experience an unprecedented increase in your car's power.