Pickup Truck Bed Covers -- 5 Ideas For Picking Them

Owner reviews are for reading and help in the quest to compare the covers and reach a decision about the best type and model that would work best for your purposes. Shopping online means more than just easy comparison of features and facts. Consult suppliers of tonneaus like AutoAnything and you can read many reviews of bed cover models and see what owners think, good and bad. Especially enlightening are the comments about installation. It often is more than you think.

Pickup bed covers are all but a must-have option for many truck owners. The reasons are several, but many people need cargo out of sight and the security that comes with a load that is not so easily seen. What's more too is the protection afforded for the bed itself. Beds often experience damage due to rust and corrosion that could quite easily be eliminated with a cover to keep out rain, snow and moisture of all kinds.

Soft tonneaus offer great value since they do two main things you may want from a pickup bed cover. Firstly, they get cargo out of the weather. Maybe the weather-proofing won't quite match some hard covers, but in many cases they do just as well. It's not just keeping cargo from the weather either, it's keeping the bed paint protected too. What's more, the second real plus is the soft tonneaus keep whatever's under cover out of sight. That's the first line of security, keeping cargo hidden away.

The tonneau cover you get depends partly on what you want to spend for the cover. For tight budgets the many soft covers offer much for the often very small price you pay. The soft covers even so offer basic weather protection while increasing security for cargo. That's because just hiding the load under cover and away from prying eyes is the first step to security. And with soft covers, a little bit of money gets a cover that offers basic help at not much trouble or money either. Stepping up to more features is easy and then the choice of tonneau options is just limited by how much you wish to spend.

For locking security, look especially at hard covers. Once you move from soft covers to hard covers, you get a vault that now becomes difficult to get into for all but the most determined prowler or thief. That means the security is greater than just keeping cargo hidden. It's actually physically more difficult to get at what's locked away beneath a hard shell. It doesn't matter much whether it's a tri-fold cover, a tilting lid or a retractable tonneau cover. Hard covers, in general, are a step up in security.

The fiberglass bed cover may not always be a tilting lid. Once you move up to looking at hard covers rather than soft ones, the options really increase. The classic choice for hard tonneaus might be the tilt lid such as is offered by Gaylord. A similar cover that looks like it might be fiberglass but isn't is the Undercover tonneau. This cover substitutes plastics for fiberglass and in the process builds an impact resistant cover that weighs only 58 pounds in the full size version. But the tilting covers have issues and that's one reason for other hard cover models.

Pickup bed covers offer protection that for many truck owners becomes a bit more than just an option. It becomes all but standard equipment for trucks. Picking truck tonneau covers means wading through the many choices to find what may work best for you. Shopping online often means saving money and certainly means the best of choices. Online shopping often means you can get lots of reviews to see what real owners think which is often quite revealing to get past the marketing hype.