Parked Cars Need Waterless Love Too

One of our customers recently emailed us telling us about a friend of theirs who was doing something that they couldn't believe. According to this customer, his friend had a very nice truck that he barely drove just sitting in his driveway. While that might not seem like such a big deal, what our customer was really surprised at was the fact that this person didn't clean the car regularly, only when he was about to drive it. Apparently he would give the rest of the vehicles in his driveway weekly washes but would just leave the seldom used truck sit there in the driveway to collect dust.

He said that this friend was washing all of his cars with water which was not only a huge waste but he still couldn't believe that he was just letting that one car just sit there and get dirty. This particular customer has been using our waterless car wash products for several years now so we can definitely understand his frustration with the whole situation. So we suggested to him that he give his friend a bottle of waterless car wash and use it on all of his vehicles including the one that was just sitting there in the driveway.

Well, he did it and as you can imagine his friend was definitely impressed. Apparently he loved how he didn't have to wash all of his regularly used vehicles every week as the waterless car wash was powerful enough to keep them clean for much longer than that. Since the waterless car wash adds a special layer of protective film to the car every time you wash it, it doesn't need to be washe3d as often as when you wash with the regular method as the waterless car wash helps to actually repel the dirt.

From what we heard though, his favorite part was the fact that he used it on the truck that mostly just sat in his driveway and it kept it incredibly clean despite all of the dust blowing by. While his neighbors cars were getting incredibly dirty, his cars stayed nice and clean including the truck in the driveway, In fact, since the truck was pretty much always clean and he didn't have to clean it every time before he drove it, he ended up driving the truck a whole lot more than he used to.

And as simple as that, a new waterless car wash enthusiast was born. All it really takes is seeing the results in action one time to get turned into a believer and that is exactly what this guy needed. Now instead of washing all of his cars once per week and his truck once per month he simply washes all of his cars and the truck once per month. He just does them all at the same time and is done with it and doesn't have to think about it again until the next month rolls around. That is exactly how the waterless car wash can simplify people's lives.