The Right Cam Following Bearings For Your Production Needs

There are plenty of cam follower bearings, and finding the right one for your production needs should be a top priority. You aren't doing your business any justice by randomly selecting one and hoping for the best. A common mistake is assuming they are all the same rather than identifying the many differences.

Another common mistake is buying the least expensive of the cam follower bearings to save money. Often, the least expensive one isn't going to offer you the best overall value. Your goal should be to balance the cost of the product with the overall value it can offer. It should improve efficiency, production speed, and production quality. You don't need the most expensive ones!

2-D or 3-D

Many of the cam follower bearings products are 2-D but some of those that are far more advanced offer the 3-D capacities and technology. If you need to have multiple followers in place, the 3-D is going to help you get that done fast and efficiently. At the same time, this will reduce the strain on the materials. As a result, they are going to last much longer. This saves you time and money.

Select your Type

There are pros and cons of each type of cam follower bearings. The goal is to identify the one that is the best fit for your particular needs. It is a good idea to assess what your needs are and to compare the various options. Then you can make a wise decision based on what will provide your business with the most overall benefits.

A yoke type is very common, and it is easily mounted onto a pin or other type of support you have in place. This option also helps with equally distributing the load over the whole bearing. It won't be wearing unevenly as a result. When there is uneven wearing, you can end up with groves in your products that won't pass the quality control inspections.

You can also choose from a regular stud or heavy stud design with cam follower bearings. If you have a high shock load or you have a heavy load, then the heavy stud is the right one to choose. Otherwise, you can go with the regular stud and get excellent results. The regular stud will also cost you less than the heavy stud.


Make sure the cam follower bearings have a great protector on them in the form of well made seals. This will influence how smooth and quiet they operate. It will also influence how long those bearings are able to last. The better the seal is on them, the longer they are going to last. This should be important to you as it means less downtime and less money spent on items.

The seals should be lubricated, as should the bearing. It is a good idea to have a set up that offers a self-lubricating brushing system. This will ensure the product doesn't end up dry because someone neglected to take part in the routine maintenance. The more you can automate with such maintenance plans, the better your production levels will be. Use a good quality lubricant.


A retainer is highly recommended to be used with this type of bearing. It will further help to reduce the friction that occurs. When you are operating the machinery at high speeds, the friction can become more of a concern. The retainer allows you to operate at those higher speeds without such problems getting in the way. Make sure the retainer is properly aligned for balance.