Key Stuck in Ignition Five Questions Help Todiagnose The Key Problem in a Minute

Why people need an Automotive Locksmith Baltimore? Perhaps, you may need the lock replacement, installation or repair of your vehicle at any part of your life. Be sure to search for a professional Automotive Locksmith in Baltimore to unlock your vehicle safely without harming the door or lock. Most important and complicated things for you is to diagnose the cause of key stuck in ignition. You may lose or you might have a key stuck in theignition for adifferent reason. Some question can interest you to diagnose why stuck in the ignition.

Is your car key is twisted properly to stop the engine?

This is always an important question to be kept in mindwhenever you have a stuck . Many times you and your drivers have been frustrated by a car key that won't come . You have to ensure that your car is completely turned off before you remove . The first case to check when you have a stuck in ignition.

Is the Steering Wheel locked appropriately?

The steering wheel controls the direction of your car, at the same time, it is also a complementary piece to your and a safety measure in most vehicles. The steering wheel has to be unlocked, and this usually happens once the key is stuck in the ignition. These two actions are so closely related and bring the possibility that a locked steering wheel will prevent you from removing the key from the ignition, resulting in a stuck in the ignition.

Whether the Key wrecked Inside the Ignition?

There is always the possibility that car key might be broken and stuck in the ignition. This usually results in bad ignition. This can happen in several ways and each of these situations needs to be handled with caution to ensure you do not cause more damage. The bad tendency of negligence and improper maintenance bent out of alignment or a broken car key always cause trouble for key stuck in the ignition.

Is there any problem with the Ignition Cylinder?

If there is something wrong with the ignition cylinder than it is much more a challenging job for the vehicle owner. This is because car key won't come out and it is difficult for you to decide the cause of such issue whether that stems from the key or from the ignition. The key may be broken or a part of it may slide out of the ignition. Putting force to turn the key in a broken ignition cylinderfurther deteriorate the issue.

Whether the keyway isjammed?

Sometimes you may find that your key is stuck in the ignition. It may because of some obstruction that disallows the smooth movement of your key within the ignition cylinder. In order to make a free movement of your key the keyway of the ignition cylinder, the cylinder has to be free of debris and dirt which is always a neglecting factor of vehicle owners. The blocked keyway can lead to your car key being broken and hassle for you to deal with.


It is essential to have understanding of the basic mechanics of your vehicles ignition system. Car locksmith in Baltimore will save you from a headache down the line. Automotive Locksmith in Baltimore will also help you extract your car key without inflicting any damage on the car key or ignition cylinder. They are professionals having the expertise and vast experience to handle these issues in a minute. They have the best approach to handle such instance!