Sell My Car For Cash - 4 Tips For Selling Cars to Junkyards

Each year, thousands of Texans get a boost to their hard earned cash by selling end-of-life vehicles to junkyards. In Austin, an Austin, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard usually pays a few hundred dollars in cash for each vehicle it purchases. If you're interested in receiving a payout for your junker, there are four things you can do to promote the sale, and get the cash in your hand ASAP.

1. Be Sure You Fully Own the Car

Selling a car to junkyard isn't a way to avoid financial obligations you have to the vehicle. For example, before you sell, the car should have no liens against it, have no and not be part of a legal settlement that has yet to be finalized. If you sell the car before resolving these legalities, you break the law.

2. Clean Out the Car's Interior

Most junkyard customers are looking for parts located under a car's hood, in the undercarriage, on the wheels, or on the body. But there are also drivers who shop for replacement parts on the interior of a vehicle, including seats.

This means a junkyard needs a clear view of the condition of your car's interior. Don't have the interior professionally detailed before the sale - it's a junker, after all. Just remove any personal items or trash that accumulated from when you drove the vehicle.

3. Position the Car for Easy Towing

If your junker won't start, and it isn't positioned to be easily loaded onto the tow truck, the truck driver can use a level winch to hoist the car into a better position. However, if you can safely put the car in neutral and move into an ideal position, do so. If nothing else, it will help get the junker you just received cash for off of your property faster.

4. Have Proof of Ownership Ready

You need to relinquish proof of vehicle ownership to the buyer before you get paid. If you have the document ready when the tow truck arrives, the sale goes faster. In addition to the owner's title for a vehicle, you can use any the following documents to establish ownership: auction sales receipt, mechanic's lien, storage lot lien, or a repossession affidavit.


"Can I sell my car for cash to an Austin, Texas, car buyer that pays for junkers?" Yes, and there are four steps you can take to ensure the sale goes smoothly: resolve your legal obligations to the car before you try to sell, remove junk or personal items from the cabin, try to place the car in a position where it's easy for the tow truck to load, and have proof of vehicle ownership in hand when the tow truck arrives.

For more information on how to facilitate the sale of a junker, contact an Austin, Texas, car buyer that purchases end-of-life vehicles today.