LA Summer Bachata Festival - Salsa Kizomba Workshops

The Los Angeles Bachata Festival is the grand bachata event. In fact, the Festival is one of its own kinds of yearly bachata-centric Latin dance congress in the State! This year the number of people attending the festival is expected to break the records of all times. Thanks to the popularity of the event all over the United States. Bachata Festival was started in the year 2009 by Jorge Elizondo. The festival is known to lure dancers from across the United States of America to be a part of it. "Bachata Jorge", as he is warmly known, is the planner of the occasion and is one of the founding fathers of the Bachata Festival in the United States. He assisted to establish the first Bachata festival in the USA, known as The Reno Bachata Festival in Jan. 2009 along with Rodney "Rodchata" Aquino. Rodney presently arranges several bachata & kizomba festivals on the West Coast.

This year it is going to take place at Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel in Los Angeles, California from Thursday, 13th of August 2015 from 8 P.M to Monday, 17th of August 2015 till 6A.M. The mesmerizing festival is a four day affair that overflows with events and structures a combination of talent of Los Angeles and national and international mentors. The workshops that take place in Bachata Festival are tailored to the skill levels of all kind in a wide range of Bachata styles that includes Modern, Dominican and Fusion. Call to book a taxi Los Angeles to be a part of refreshing event.

Bachata is the core sequence of the affair, but other dance styles such as Salsa, jazz, Hip-Hop and Kizomba are also emphasized in workshops and presentations. There is also a lap dance class taught for the folks who look forward to discover their daring side. You have more than 50 workshops to decide on from a buffet of classes available for every palate. The parties at night always remain the top notch and there are usually three separate rooms presenting music from Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa. The mystic beauty of the bachata festival is not only will you get 'popular' bachata artists to hear, but you will also get great music in Bachata from legends. This is extremely significant in forming the event as a real Bachata festival, rather than a random event you join every weekend at your native Latin clubs. Hire taxi Pacific Palisades to make way to the biggest Bachata Festival this August.

You can buy Full Pass for $150.00 for early Bird Special and is valid for all 4 days, Pre Party at Hotel for $10.00 only for Thursday, VIP Pass for $200.00 for all 4 days, Performers Pass for $105.00, Single Night Pass for $30.00 for Friday or Sunday and $40.00 for Saturday. You can also go for Single Day Pass for $60.00 for Friday or Sunday and $70 for Saturday. You can also buy pass for Vendor Table and Advertising space for $450.00. Let us get cab century city hired to avail the pickup and drop to and from the event. Be there! See you all soon at the Bachata Festival 2015.