5 Essential Things To Know About Spare Tires In Your Vehicle

Validating your driving license, paying insurance bills, and wearing your seat belt are not the only factors that make you a responsible driver and vehicle owner, there's another important factor to keep in mind. Sometimes, we don't give priority to emergency equipment till the time we don't need them. Spare tires are an absolute necessity for every vehicle owner to have to avoid ended up stranded in no man's land. However, it is as essential to learn about the spare tires in your vehicle as it is to have them.

Here is the list of the few things you should be aware of:

1. Type of Spare Tire

Depending upon your vehicle's model, spare tires can vary from RCS tires, temporary spare wheel, or the regularly used normal size spare tires to drive you safely back home or a garage.

2. Appropriate Air Pressure

Check the pressure of your spare tire as per the vehicle's manual. Maintain optimum inflation as the last thing you want is to be stranded with even a flat spare tire. A standard pressure gauge is good enough for this purpose. Also, adjust the tire pressure only when the tire isn't warm.

3. Speed of the Vehicle

If your vehicle has a spare tire of the same size and dimensions as the regular ones, you can drive your vehicle normally without worrying about its performance. In case there is a change in dimensions, check your vehicle's manual or the sticker of the tire to know about the maximum driving speed. Generally, it is no more than 80 km/hr.

4. Duration of Use

There's a reason why they are called spare tires as their use is best suited during emergencies. Avoid usage of these tires for longer durations irrespective of their type.

5. Driving Distance

Spare tires are not manufactured to provide the same performance levels and travel the same distance as regular tires. They are meant to be used for short durations and only when needed. Try not to travel more than 70-80 km with these tires.

Learning these essential things about spare tires and their regular maintenance will greatly help you during emergencies. Check your spare tires on a routine basis and make it a part of your standard maintenance program. Keep in mind, 'Tires are the most essential component of your safe journey back home.' Happy Travelling!