Make Your Business Stand Out With Train The Trainer Program

Professionals in multinational companies have understood the importance of employee training programs and are promoting these programs to enhance different skills sets to increase the productivity and wellbeing. They are regularly conducting and encouraging their employees to participate in training workshops to develop their personality and soft skills. In order to provide flawless training to the employee's organizations are hiring highly experienced and professional trainers.

It was mentioned in a report that executive trainers today are making on average Rs. 5 Lac annually while training in the IT, education, insurance sector and likes. Trainers are working as the freelancer as well. Aviation sector, call centers, and similar fields are paying Rs. 1500 per two hours. Experts shared that corporate freelance trainers have immense scope in IT, Aviation, call centers etc. Experienced trainers shall build their career in this field with a special training program and shall easily earn up to Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50, 000 per day.

Those who have a Degree in a subject like Psychology are considered the best fit for the role of a trainer, as they understand the human psychology better and have the patience to groom and train individuals. They easily identify the key skills missing in an individual and know how to develop those skills through effective Training modules. The increasing demand of certified trainers in the corporate industry is rendered via exclusive training workshops for the aspiring as well as for the experienced trainers. These training programs make the trainers more efficient and effective and can unfold limitless opportunity for them. The programs are conducted by the renowned trainers who are a well-known figure in the industry with more than 10 years of experience.

Program Insight:

Trainers who enroll in the training program get equipped with the following techniques and practices:

Novice and seasoned trainers will be trained with the latest techniques to deliver powerful and inspiring training. They will discover and learn about the 4Ps of training during the training workshop and at the end of the course they will give short training sessions implementing their indigenous techniques and receive feedback. (Concrete)

The 4Ps of Training are:

Assured Benefits

Participants can practice the skills to create highly interactive and engaging learning environment. They learn to hone their power of observation to enhance their coaching techniques. They develop the following skills required to become successful facilitators:

• Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skill

Communication is the bottom line of training, without effective communication, it is impossible to conduct training. Individuals are trained to communicate their ideas, principles, and beliefs verbally and non-verbally to achieve the desired result. They learn to use their verbal communication for smooth exchange of knowledge and non-verbal communication skills to listen and observe the concerns of others and suggest a practical solution.

• Team Building

A team is a building block of an organization. It is important for each member of the team to understand its dynamics properly. During the training session, individuals are taught the importance of teamwork, its dynamics, and delegation of work conflicts resolution and understand individuals. A trainer who understands the impact of powerful team building will inspire its trainees to practice the same.

• Individual Orientation

Coaches are responsible for their trainee's overall development and progress. To train an individual it is important to learn and observe his/ her psychology. During the workshop, trainers are taught to read the mind, and observe the behavior of their trainees and train them to handle their emotion efficiently.

A soft-skill and communication trainer stated, "The training program for trainers has broadened his perspective, enhanced his personality and helped him achieve professional excellence and successful living." There are many cases where trainers were tired of taking monotonous sessions and started losing interest in their job. They then gained their energy, momentum, and interest back for their work only when they joined the Train the Trainer program and resumed their sessions with power-packed and innovative teaching methodologies. It has been observed that the TTT trained coaches are developing the pragmatic, productive and skillful workforce. (Emotional, Credible)

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