Batik Fabric With All Technique Handmade

Batik fabric from indonesian handmade culture to worldwide. With prices starting at US $ 1.40 per yard, you can get original Handmade. We (Batik Dlidir) is a batik company located in solo city, indonesia. A city closely associated with culture. The city that witnessed the birth of a tradition that until now still sustainable, Batik.

Batik fabric is a pictorial fabric that is specially made by writing or putting ' malam ' ( wax ) on the fabric. Batik Indonesia, as a whole of technology, related motive and cultural development. This is a craft that has high artistic value. Besides that has been a part of Javanese culture for a long time.

We name our certainly quality product as Batikdlidir. What is Dlidir? In Javanese dlidlir means mengalir (flowing). Therefore, from that name, dlidir, we hope that our product will be salable like the flow of the water. This name is also our prayer. So, it is not only name, but it has strong character in further advance.

As time goes by, Batik has generous meaning for us. Nowadays batik in daily is an art which manifests culture. Batik also give a value to public (read: dlidir). Batik means the high-level of art in Solo and round.

Processing batik is not only draw in the fabric, but it also a comprehensive sequences. The sequences of mind, energy, and a long story. All of the synergized process while making an artistic work. So, all of the people enjoy it.

We sell Batik in three categories. This category based on Batik techniques making. Here the explanation:

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100 cotton batik fabric the best quality

We use 100 cotton batik fabric quality choice. Maybe you ask, what is the real cotton ?. Before entering the problem of cotton, it would be better to know about cotton base material ie cotton.

Cotton is a fine fiber that envelops the seeds of several species of Gossypium (commonly called "trees" or cotton plants), 'bush' plants originating from the tropics and subtropics. Cotton fiber becomes an important material in the textile industry. The fiber can be spun into yarn and woven into cloth. Textile products of cotton fibers commonly referred to as cotton (yarn or cloth).

Why do we count on 100 percent cotton ?. In accordance with our experience, in addition to absorbing sweat is also not hot. So when you wear it so comfortably.

There are many types of 100 percent cotton in Indonesia. Construction of the yarn that distinguishes between types of one another. In addition, there is also seen from the thickness of the threads of cotton fabric.

For stamp technique, we use the construction of yarn 133 x 72, thickness 40 s. This type of cotton has a quality in the middle - middle. It has been export standard and proven to date.

As for canting or 'tulis' techniques we rely on cotton primissima gamelan construction 114 x 96, thickness 40 s. Cotton premium grade produced from our Country, Indonesia.

The choice of cotton This is just a habit of us, you can order the fabric as you wish. Batikdlidir serve quickly and appropriately for all your batik fabric business.

For info or order 100 cotton batik fabric can whatsapp to +62 822 6565 2222 Mr Mudzakir.

Batik fabric manufacturers from solo, Indonesia

Batik fabric manufacturers from Indonesia for All around the world. Batikdlidir is a manufacturer of complete batik cloth start, stamp until handprint. We produce it all with human hands ( Handmade ), not machines. What distinguishes between stamp or tulis with handprint is the formation of patterns and the use of the malam. As for the same work that is using human power.

The benefits you get from making batik fabric in our place, among others:

For info or reservations, You can whatsapp to +62 822 6565 2222 Mr. Mudzakir.

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