The Grass Beneath Your Pet's Paws

It is rare that we consider the ground beneath our pets. In most passing moments, it's not something that crosses our minds. Take a moment to consider what is beneath them when they are playing, resting, and perhaps most importantly, when they are relieving themselves. A common dog park might seem like a fun and relaxed place but microscopically it is a war zone. Sure, as pet owners we all try to be good and pick up after them, but that is rarely sufficient.

Shared Spaces

Often we have our children playing in the same yard where our pets run free and take care of business. Is the lawn truly clean? With an artificial lawn, it could easily be cleaned and we can sleep easier knowing that their shared play area is safe. Synthetic grass is anti-bacterial and will not absorb bacteria or other toxins from pet waste. From a simple hose down to an intensive scrub with a detergent or disinfectant, artificial grass is easy to clean and can be cleaned far more thoroughly than a traditional lawn. In a public space such as a pet hotel or dog park, a synthetic lawn is a sound investment in the health of all who use it.

New Synthetic Grasses

Modern artificial grasses have evolved significantly from traditional astroturf. Today synthetic grass comes in a wide variety of colors and even blade shapes which make it much more realistic looking. There are many other benefits as well to an artificial lawn, such as no need to mow, reducing the impact to those with sensitive allergies. Synthetic grass will never need pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer, keeping toxic chemicals away from the pets and people who enjoy relaxing on the lawn. Another great environmental benefit is that artificial grass needs no watering. With so many demands on our water resources today, eliminating the need to water a lawn is a huge saving both financially and environmentally.

A Green Future

Artificial grass is the perfect ground covering for areas that have a lot of pet activity, especially in public spaces. Synthetic lawns are much easier to clean after dogs and other pets have done their business. Artificial grass is not an attractive home for bugs,

fleas or other insects, this helps to prevent dogs and other pets from picking up unwanted passengers on their fur and skin. With minimal effort needed to care for an artificial lawn, groundskeepers can reduce costs and offer larger areas of comfortable green space, both inside and out. CCGrass is a premium manufacturer of artificial turf systems. They can tailor a grass-specific to your needs, with custom padded base layers and a wide spectrum of natural colors and a variety of blade shapes. An artificial turf system can be custom made to keep you, your pets and your children comfortable and safe all year round. Contact your local building supplies provider and ask for CCGrass.

CCGrass, the largest manufacturer of artificial grass in the world, is dedicated to providing the best artificial turf for both athletic and landscape purposes. After more than 10 years of focused development, CCGrass products have served clients from multiple regions with varying needs, including professional football clubs, government bodies, schools, and countless households around the world. CCGrass products meet the highest standards of leading sports organizations, such as FIFA, IRB, FIH, ITF, etc. CCGrass products have been installed in more than 90 countries with a total volume of more than 90,000,000 m².

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