Marketing And Expanding Horizons

Ever since the wheels of industrialisation were set in motion, the world market was flushed with products unimaginable to human minds. Multiple sellers of a simple periphery like toilet papers to complex mechanisms like aeroplanes engine surfaced, setting stage for a cut throat competition. As time passed the standards and elements that defined a product expanded from mere quality to presentation, packing, branding and the most important element Marketing.

With growing impetus to needs of marketing the products were further diversified into categories that helps industrialist to target the potential audience and tap in more business from exploring into previously undiscovered zones. To understand this better the markets were further divided into multiple categories based on the consumer and their motives.

To begin with let us understand the consumers and their patterns- B2C or business to consumer, wherein the consumers were the end users of the product and services. B2G- wherein business, product or service is delivered to government and its organisation- G will be the end user. B2B consumers where buying and selling or services take place between two business organisations- the buying party may or may not be the end user of the product or services sold.

Making presence felt in the market became a major concerns for Business organisations all across of the world. The 4P's of Marketing was a perfect fit for marketing in a B2C companies- however this mix can hardly be applied in a B2B business- this is the sole reason why marketing and branding for a B2B is a challenge and an industry as a whole which is yet unexplored.

Every company wants to associate themselves with the best to maintain the goodwill of the organisation, as stakeholders and their status represent the strength and stability of an organisation. The question arises how we represent our worthiness to the onlookers?

Pune is a sea of new opportunities with talented minds; bustling with ideas that will generate a new revolution in B2B marketing that tactically places your product and service in the hearts of the consumers. These companies do not only follow the traditional marketing strategies but also add a dash of new concepts like digital marketing; efficient outdoor brandings and capturing your rightful place in the social media and internet- the reach of which is vast and unending.

Many of these organizations are start-ups and have come into existence due to the growing needs of the market. One such organization is "DemandFluence"- A simple lead generation company started by three qualified business students; which is clearly into tracing resourceful leads for the B2B companies. DemandFluence also provides coaching services where they train their customers as well as employees in generating and chasing valuable leads.

While mentioning leads one cannot neglect "SalesTactis", yet another B2B lead generating and marketing company that runs on the similar lines as that of "DemandFluence", with emphasis on content syndication and appointment setting.

"Valsys", is another company which aligns well with its tagline- effective, timely and impeccable. With its vast array of services which include customer relation management, lead generation, content syndication, promotion etc, Valsys if growing out of the typical nutshell of a B2B marketing firm.

"The Impals", a rather new competitor in the market is providing a new concept called Marcom- A collaboration of marketing and content. The belief of this company lies in the strength of content and its everlasting impact on the readers. The Impals works on multiple parameters to assist the growth of its clients. These parameters include the digital space occupied by its customers to the physical representation of the company. One can say that the company's customers are given a complete makeover to take-over the market space. They also have ventured into the space of website development and content for the same- Something many B2B marketing companies have yet to explore.

These companies will soon take over the marketing world in the B2B areas creating zillion opportunities in employment and bringing newer consumers into the limelight.