Saving Time And Money by Using Omnibus Surveys

Omnibus surveys are a very useful marketing tool when it comes to conducting quantitative research. With the ability to save companies both time and money, these surveys produce results without depleting your resources.

Quantitative Research in Marketing

Quantitative research is an important part of marketing. At its core, it involves the collection of research for a client in order to develop a successful marketing plan. It is often the important first step in a larger marketing plan. Inspired by research data, quantitative research can solve problems, prove business cases, uncover opportunities, and inspire others. Omnibus surveys often use tools, such as questionnaires and scales, to gather information. Once collected, this data comes together to weave the stories that will inspire businesses to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for their companies. Marketers can use the answers of these respondents to determine the needs of such individuals in the marketplace. It is only with solid research that businesses can move forward, creating brand communications that make headlines and adhere to a central marketing strategy.

Choosing to Use Omnibus Surveys

Surveys are an effective tool to collect the quantitative research that marketing teams need to develop strategies and marketing plans that will work for their businesses. An omnibus survey, in particular, collects data on a wide variety of subjects from respondents in a singular interview. The reasoning behind this is because that single interview can reduce a company's individual costs by sharing common demographic data with other businesses. Often, many different research clients will provide proprietary content for the survey, and once collected, the results are distributed to all involved. As the sampling and screening costs are shared among multiple clients, the cost-savings often make it worth sharing data. This method also saves a great deal of time since omnibus surveys are often quite large and interviewing is an ongoing process.

Conducting Omnibus Surveys

Because omnibus surveys save researchers time and money, they are a great tool to use when facing an unexpected threat. On the other hand, omnibus surveys are also a great way to get information fast in order to take advantage of a sudden opportunity. These surveys give businesses the rare opportunity to work together towards a common goal. By sharing the information collected, rather than conducting separate surveys with different respondents, everyone can reap the benefits. Omnibus surveys are usually conducted over the phone, online, or by mail. It is easy to administer surveys in this fashion, and that accounts for the large number of participants who are able to take part in the process. These surveys may be on a wide variety of subjects, which can be somewhat related or not at all related to one another. As the information is coming from many different sources, it doesn't matter if it is all connected. Researchers ensure that respondents are diverse, as well, in order to produce results for all of those companies involved. Businesses are able to quickly gather the information that they need for a fraction of the cost of going it alone by partaking in omnibus surveys.