Don't Book Any Other Christmas Party Venue In Hertfordshire

Don't Book Any Other Christmas Party Venue In Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire makes a lot of sense as a base for your Christmas party this year, even before you get down to the task of choosing a suitable venue. It is, after all, perfectly located, boasting the key transport connections to London and the wider country that will enable all of your intended guests to reach your venue easily. However, it is also a very green and beautiful county in its own right, with no shortage of exciting things to see and do.

As for why you may decide to make Manor of Groves your Christmas Party Venue In Hertfordshire... well, we pretty much have it all as far as venues for big festive celebrations are concerned. We are, for instance, well-located for the region's airports and motorways, but are also situated in 150 acres of stunning countryside.

Then, there's our Christmas parties themselves, which are always very special.

Nobody Does Yuletide Celebrations Like We Do

The Manor Suite in which we host our Christmas parties here at Manor of Groves is certainly an impressive space, big enough to accommodate hundreds of guests and air-conditioned to ensure everyone can party the night away in comfort. It's a suite that also boasts its own exclusive bar, entrance hall, cloakroom and toilets.

But it's what happens within this space during your Christmas celebration that truly matters. For just 41 per head excluding House Wine, or 48.50 per head if you would like half a bottle of House Wine to be included, you and up to 399 other people can revel in a delicious three-course dinner, coffee and mints, before partying the night away with our band and first-class disco.

The bar is open from 7pm on the night, and dinner is served from 7:30pm, enabling you and your guests to savour such delectable menu options as ham hock and pea terrine, chipolata and bacon roll, mushroom, brie and spinach tart and kirsch teardrop with mango coulis.

Or Why Not Go On A Dancing Journey Through Time?

However, the above is not the only kind of Christmas party night that you can enjoy here at Manor of Groves. That's because we are also offering Party Through the Decades nights in our Colonnade Suite, which with all of its Georgian elegance and character, makes for quite the festive party backdrop.

This package is suitable for groups of between 10 and 120 people, is priced from 27.50 per head and enables everyone in attendance to enjoy a memorable two-course plated meal, followed by a disco.

You'll Struggle To Find A Superior Place To Party This Year

As you can see, we really have thought hard about all of the things anyone could conceivably desire from a Christmas party venue in Hertfordshire! It helps that we are highly experienced at holding such events, with our team coordinating every detail to ensure they are a success every time.

Download Our Christmas Brochure Today for more details about all of our always-in-demand Yuletide events, so that you can book the perfect festive celebration this year for the needs of you and your group.