Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas - Rest In The Sky And Keep Your Adrenalin High?

Because I am a veteran traveler, one of the most important things I deliberate prior to traveling is the hotel where I will be staying. I have to rightly say that my countless stays in hotels around the globe have turned me into some sort of hotel connoisseur. On top of my favorite places is Sin city, and the legendary casinos is not the only reason, but for the vibrant nightlife, cuisine and first class cordiality as well.

To me, a vacation to Sin city is never whole if I don't stay at Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas. This hotel is found at the Northern section of the famous strip. Stratosphere has 6 restaurants, a splendid casino and all-night entertainment.

There exist a number of explanations why I find it hard staying anywhere else except the Stratosphere. First off, the comfort and style of the rooms is above common, even for Las Vegas. This compensates the fact that Stratosphere hotel is somehow far away from the famous strip and most other Las Vegas attractions. The vastness comes with its benefits too; I learnt that after a whole day and may be half the night in the hustle and bustle of Las vegas, the Stratosphere hotel is the best spot to sleep for the reason that its unsurpassed ambiance.

Moreover, Stratosphere hotel presents an extraordinary but inexpensive dining moment and it's rooms are enormously spacious. The fitness center is among my favorite areas as it has the best fitness equipment as well as competent and friendly fitness trainers.

An extra exclusive attribute of this hotel is the freestanding observation tower which happens to be the tallest tower west of Mississippi. There are both indoor and outdoor decks for observation, giving one unmatched panoramic scene in Las Vegas. Should you wish for some excitement, the track for the roller coaster bolted on the deck's side and the tower should give you a breathtaking spin to sum a magnificent day. You may also catch a different panorama of Las Vegas from the mobile restaurant on top of the tower. I adore ending my evening at this point, with a sight of the city as darkness closes in, taking a delicious meal, or just drinking wine.