Tips For The Best Beef And Beer Pairings

When it comes to matching up an adult beverage with food, wine isn't the only choice. Foodies and beer connoisseurs alike are pairing up their favorite brews with a variety of epicurean menus. Choose the right pairing, and you'll not only enhance the flavors of your favorite foods, you'll likely discover new ways to appreciate them.

The Ultimate Tavern Combo: Beef and Beer

Whether it's your favorite classic burger or a filet mignon grilled to perfection, there's no better way to enhance those robust beef flavors than with a hearty beer. With the wide variety of beers available on the market and an extensive number of brews available on menus of both casual and upscale restaurants, there's a flavor for every palate. The beauty of pairing beer and beef is that there are no set rules or wrong answers. However, there are a few basic tips to help you sift through the beer lingo and find your favorite beef-and-beer combination at your top restaurant and lounge in Avalon, GA.


Heavier beers compliment the flavors of steak, and porter is an excellent choice to pair with a grilled steak. Its dark malt and roasted grain flavors offer a slight sweetness, with just the right touch of hoppiness that accentuates a variety of cuts of meat. Some porters have a strong chocolate and caramel presence, but tend to be a bit lighter than stouts, depending on the brewery where they were crafted. Another great thing about porters is that you can pair them with your main beef course and continue through dessert. They taste great alongside a chocolate dessert. Try Founders Porter, a robust and velvety brew.


The great thing about lagers is, they go with just about everything. Belgian-style lagers are especially nice with either a steak or burger, but they also have just the right complexity to enhance flavorful dishes like pizza, Mexican food, or even Asian dishes. Try a Sam Adams, Brooklyn Amber, or Laughing Skull Lager with your next meal.


Burgers and a nice Belgian ale make for an enjoyable and fulfilling meal. Not only are ales a traditional choice with beef dishes, most restaurants, taverns, and pubs offer an extensive selection of this versatile beverage. Ales are believed to be the oldest beverage produced by humans, and their popularity never seems to wane. Some ales lean toward a more hoppy flavor, while others lean offer a fruitier presence. From amber ales to India Pale ales (IPAs) and brown ales, each offers a slightly different flavor. Try Reformation Cadence ales, Victoria Dirtwolf Double IPA, or Wicked Weed Napoleon ale.

Flavor-test a variety of beers to discover your favorite pairing. There's no wrong answer. If you're looking for a restaurant or lounge in Avalon, GA, that offers not only a great menu but also has an excellent selection of craft beers to pair your meal with, you're sure to find a great location that offers it all.