5 Womens Handbags You'll Be Seeing a Lot of in 2018

Reflecting on all the beautiful leather handbags buyers have loved and bought in 2017 -Classics like tote bags, sling bags and clutches have continued to be popular for ages, and last year was no exception. Looking at this data, let's roll out the predictions for leather handbag trends for 2018!

Tote Bags

For some women -- practicality is often more important than anything else! However, even when practicality is a foremost consideration, everyone wants their hand bag to be stylish. This is why leather tote bags are one of the 2018 bag trends. After all, when chic women step out of their homes, they better have space in their bags for all of their beauty and fashion must-haves!

Work Bags

For fashion-conscious working women a leather work bag is certainly a charm. Easy to carry all office essentials, it certainly stands out as one of the most trendy bags in 2018. Smart and stylish, leather works bags definitely help you create an impression on your clients and colleagues.

Sling Bags

2017 saw a big demand for leather sling bags and we believe these lovely bags will continue to be popular in 2018 as well. Leather sling bags are versatile enough to complement the beauty of a woman. Even the smallest detailing on a leather sling gives the wearer a great feminine appeal.


There is nothing better than an awesome leather clutch - it's like instant style, in the form of a bag. Clutches look glamorous during evening parties and every woman loves them the most, which is why clutches are one of the 2018 bag trends to stay.

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