Dirndl The Traditional Bavarian Feminine Dress

Traditional Bavarian feminine dress extensively used in Germany and Austria, a dirndl is designed on and around the costume of peasants of Alps. Some of these costumes are also country-inspired fashion based dresses. Dirndl dress usually refers to circular skirts that are gathered at waist but falls below the knee conveniently. It is also one of the most popular traditional costumes in and around Bavarian countries.

Dirndl Dress Components

They can be differently structured depending on the season and the climatic conditions. For instance; the winter use apparel can be with heavier and warm skirts as well as aprons that are made of thick cotton, wool, or velvets. They also have long sleeves. In comparison their summer counterparts would be usually lighter apparels with shorter sleeves.

Dirndl Accessories

Different types of accessories are used along with the dirndl. There are long aprons that are tied around the waist of the person using the dress. In addition; there can be waist coat or woolen shawls. It is also not uncommon using the hand printed silk scarf or apron that is vibrantly colored. Use of ornaments matching the dirndl dress is also standard fashion and they include sport necklaces, brooches, earrings, as well as antiers or animal teeth. The objective is making the dress look more authentic with matching accessories and in recent times the providers are regularly coming up with innovative ideas in designing unique accessories for the traditional dresses.

Innovative Designs for Dirndl Dresses

Manufacturers these days are coming up with different innovative and unique designs in respect of the dirndl dress they provide their customers with. Apart from designing the dresses for seasonal uses they also are coming up with different patterns making the end product an intelligent combination of classic and contemporary fashion statement. Their objective is to ensure that the wearer of the costume stands out in the crowd without losing that depth touch of traditional dirndl. Besides making trendy dresses they also put adequate emphasis on the durability and quality as most modern buyers insist on these two aspects in the item they purchase. They are also using various variations like high neck with front button, thick mittens, as well as woolen hats. Their end objective is to make the dress comfortable and fashionable for the user and a thing of beauty for viewers.

Migration from Traditional to Contemporary

Dirndl has migrated from traditional to contemporary in recent times and the dress has become softer and more fashionable in comparison to their harder and sturdier counterparts of the past. The dress that once was of the working women has now become the fashion statement of stylish women of the present. The migration took place in the later parts of the 19th century with upper class women accepting it as a regular fashionable dress.

Dirndl dress is not only popular in Germany and Austria but is also getting popular in other parts of Europe as well as in America.