Old School Versus New School Continued

Definitely Try Something Current versus the Old Tested Way

If you read the first article I wrote on old school versus new school you will remember I talked about the loyalty that comes engaging your customers in the process of how you communicate your message to them. I want to continue on that train of thought because it is important to understand if you do this well you will actually have customers bring you more customers with additional effort on your part.

These loyal customers become unpaid sales people selling on your behalf because they became part of your process of communication. They willingly are out telling the people they know about the virtues of your product from their point of view. There is no way you would have been able to accomplish that by paying them to do the same thing if they had not engaged with you.

Now what happens is you will get what is called "permission marketing" based on customers telling you they want to hear your message. How did that happen? It happened because they are part of your process of communications. Remember when we talked about Contact, Connect, Consideration, Consumption and Community? That effort you made the first time does not have to be repeated again. Now you continue to repeat the rewards from that first effort.

In the concept of old school versus new school the "permission marketing" is part of the new school concept. What is called "push marketing" is the old school concept. That is the television, radio, newspaper and magazine type of advertising. All of that is like having everyone trying to out shout each other.

In "permission marketing" messages, they will work both off line as in traditional advertising or online as in social media/internet marketing. The difference is in the new school way the customer is targeted based on the needs. You success rate is higher, you participation rate is higher consequently your sales rate will be higher.

Customers are people and they want to be talked to not talked at. They want to feel there is a discussion taking place in which they have a say about what they are doing. In reality they do. They have been engage from the beginning when you went about finding out what their needs and wants were. Do all you are doing is giving them what they asked you for.

Think about it this way; wouldn't you rather sell something to a customer they want versus having to convince a customer to buy what you have. You know it is easier and better to sell something customers want. Make life easier on yourself not harder. So you make the decision from old school versus new school. It should be a simple choice.

Success can be engaging, challenging, and frustrating, other time's fun but always worth your embarking on the adventure. You deserve it and your family deserves it. So while we are here on earth, let's leave our mark on it.