The Toolpost Introduces Two New Industry-leading Toolbags

If you have often felt frustrated by the lack of good woodturner's toolbags available on the market, we very much share those sentiments here at The ToolPost. We, too have frequently despaired at having to settle for heavy metal boxes that create a lot of noise as our tools rattle around in them, all whilst the corners and fittings painfully clank into our legs. Or what about those plastic boxes that have many of the same problems and are often nowhere near long enough to accommodate all of the necessary tools? We believe that timber framers too will thank us for addressing the issues of tool carriage that they share with woodturners.

We couldn't help but think, in the face of such problems, that the UK's Woodturning enthusiasts deserve better - and as we have frequently done in the past, we decided the only answer was to work alongside others with suitable backgrounds and expertise to create our own solution.

The two new toolbags that we are now offering here at The ToolPost are the results of those efforts. Produced in collaboration with our contacts in the leather goods and bag-making industry, they are products that avoid the above recurrent problems while also catering to so many of the other requirements woodturners could conceivably have for the transportation of their valuable tools.

Tough canvas or heavy gauge leather - take your pick

It's difficult to know where to start with these highly practical and workmanlike bags, so let's introduce the lower cost of the two options to you first. This is far from a cut-price 'standard' bag, being made from an exceptionally tough heavy duty cotton canvas fabric. It's also commodious, measuring a whopping 30 inches or 750mm long and six inches (150mm) in diameter. Its reinforced end panels ensure that tools are retained securely however rough the ride they're given.

In short, our canvas toolbag is just the solution for the easy and fuss-free carrying of the selection of woodturning tools you might typically carry to a demo or a club night. We found that we could easily accommodate as many as 20, this being the number we easily fitted into the bag during our tests.

However, it's not the only option that we have for a remarkable quality toolbag, as we can also offer you our prestige product: woodturner's toolbag manufacture entirely of very durable heavy gauge tanned leather. Its own compartment isn't much shorter than the canvas version, at 27 inches (680mm) long, but still well able to fit almost any turning tool we can imagine - even hollowing tools and long-handled gouges.

Toolbags that answer your every need

These are two bags of which we are immensely proud, not least because they also sport such useful features as three closure straps with hefty buckles to maximise security, and carry handles of a length that enables you to hoist either bag onto your shoulder for comfortable longer-distance journeys. These bags also both have a relatively low 'tare weight', for which we are sure you will be thankful when you need to take your tools abroad and have only a limited airline baggage allowance at your disposal! (And for sure they'll not let you anywhere near the passenger cabin with an armoury of woodturning, or timber framing, tools in your carry-on bag!)

As you might expect, you can order these toolbags exclusively from The ToolPost, so you won't find a better deal for them anywhere else. Why not pick them up now from our stock and treat yourself to a toolbag that will provide the best possible level of protection for both your tools and yourself?