Could Your Chelmsford Business Be Suffering From A Gas Leak?

As a business owner, it should go without saying that you will want to give your employees the best possible environment in which to work - including shielding them from any potential harm.

Sadly, gas leaks do occur on business premises, and can have dire consequences if they are not detected and dealt with at the earliest stage. Carbon monoxide is, after all, known as the 'silent killer', and can cause great harm or even death if inhaled.

This is why, when you are based in Chelmsford and need to track, access and repair a leak, it makes sense to get in touch with our Gas Leak Detection Specialists here at Chelmsford Gas Services.

However, the very first thing that you should always do is ensure that your workers are safe and away from the gas, before calling the National Gas Service Emergency Line on 0800 111 999.

How will I know there is a gas leak at my premises?

This is a good question, given the both odourless and colourless nature of carbon monoxide. It's also why the installation of appropriate devices for detecting this potentially lethal gas is so important.

Even if you do have a carbon monoxide alarm installed at your commercial property, it is vital to test the battery regularly so that it continues to serve as your business's first line of defence against a gas leak.

There are, however, other signs to look out for when you want to reduce your business's chances of suffering from a gas leak. These include ensuring that your firm's boiler is continuing to operate to the highest standards, given that inadequately fitted, poorly maintained or faulty appliances are among the biggest causes of gas leaks in both business and residential properties.

If, for example, your boiler's pilot light is continually blowing out, the burning flame is an orange or yellow one instead of a blue one, or there is a black, brown or scorched area on one of your appliances, you may have reasons to worry.

Finally, there are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning to which you should be especially alert, ranging from headaches, dizziness and sickness to fatigue, confusion and breathing difficulties. If any of your workers show these symptoms, you should get everyone out into the open air immediately.

Don't trust any other gas leak detection specialists

There are so many great reasons to turn to Chelmsford Gas Services when you need the services and expertise of the local professionals who are best-equipped to resolve your business's gas leak.

Those reasons include our full insurance and the guaranteed nature of all of our work, as well as our all-important Gas Safe registration.

Give us a call now, on 0800 4581 473 or 01245 251 741, to learn more about how we can assist you as Gas Leak Detection Specialists in Chelmsford.