Upcoming Marketing Innovations in The New Year

With ever-changing algorithms and intangible tech forces at play, business owners are coming to us confused at why posting content on a regular basis just isn't enough anymore. The game has changed, and it will change again. But we work tirelessly to crack the codes of exactly what works, how to reach valuable conversions and soft sell in an ad aversive world.

1. Native Ads are expected to drive more than 74 percent of all ad revenue by 2021. This comes with a platform shift into a smaller screen world - people view and interact online all day long on their phones, eyes glued to the convenience of scrolling. In 2017, 60% of internet traffic came from mobile devices. But people are smart and easily get annoyed now by anything flashy and in their face. The counter to this is native and organic appearing ads with interesting, visually appealing content integrating a strong understanding of target audiences.

2. Video Ads have risen steadily with the implementation of autoplay. They grasp that momentary attention span much more effectively than images. Video communication apps, such as Snapchat, will continue to adopt native ads within their platforms. Mobile video advertising is expected to grow from $6.72 bn in 2017 to $9.9bn in 2018.

3. Chatbots offer the feeling of communicating directly with a real person while offering the convenience of not having to have a real party present for the business. Facebook has offered messaging replies as a form of ad conversion, increasing chances for people to leave their information, engage and continue a sales process.

4. Targeted messaging driven by deep marketing insights, data driven personalization as well as zeroed in targeting by a variety of demographics and locations will drive effective conversions. There is no use promoting something completely irrelevant to an individual's lifestyle, but focusing on one or a few market segments within smaller radiuses will yield more effective customers.

5. Genuine branding means trust and transparency in an increasingly watchful world that cares about the ethics and moralities of the companies they give their purchasing power to. This means leveraging social media to communicate meaningful content that your potential customers care about. Big no-no's are making outrageous claims,

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