Make Money Online With Zero Investment

Make money Online with Zero investment

India has 2nd rank of using internet services in the world. The usage of internet is increasing day by day. So now digital India campaign is also going on which play a vital role in making money online without investment. Website is also a method to earn money without effort and investment. We can earn money by following methods...

Earn money through your own website-

Earn money without your own website-

Freelancing services-

Many company want to provide freelancing work. Because of lack of space or other limitation. Like typing work, survey, like and promotion etc. A freelancer can earn Rs.6000-20000 depending of skills and work which you get.


Search engine optimization is a very good platform to provide you a good amount of money.If you know about seo. You can learn SEO 2-3 months only. And can start your own work. You have to provide good rank to a website in SEO.

Website designing-

Website designing is a very popular work in present time. Each and every business need a website. You can start your business to provide freelancing website design and earn huge amount of money.