Recruitment Solutions for Overseas Companies

With the advancements and developments in the previous decade, India is making rapid strides towards becoming a developed country. Presently, India's economy is the third largest by purchasing power parity (PPP) and 11th largest by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), globally. The average income of households have significantly increased and the standard of living has also improved.

As a consequence, many Indian students nowadays prefer to go overseas for higher studies. Management and engineering have become some of the most sought-after education courses abroad by Indian students. Also, most of these students look for suitable job opportunities in the place where they attain their degree. Even Indian students who have completed their education from India look for lucrative and international jobs in foreign locales.

Companies preferring Indians

Due to India's formal and efficient education system as well as dedicated professionalism, Indians are some of the most sought-after professionals by foreign company recruiters. Mr Kenichiro Hibi, Sony India Managing Director, in a recent interview with one of India's reputed newspapers said that the country has a highly diversified and skilled talent pool and the people here possess a positive attitude towards work as well as life.

Advantage India

There are a number of overseas job opportunities for Indians in countries abroad. Companies in foreign countries dealing in technology, marketing and strategy, medical field and many other sectors can benefit a lot by recruiting talented Indian professionals and utilising their expertise as well as innovative thinking in various fields.

Recruiting Indian Professionals

Although foreign companies are regularly recruiting Indian professionals for overseas jobs, they cannot always, just by themselves, recruit the right personnel for the right job. There will always be a lot of candidates applying against each job position which will consequently bring in the hassle of organising job interviews. Also, one cannot always ascertain the authenticity of the candidate and the details that are being provided. In such situations, it is wisest to acquire the services of a recruitment consultant.

Benefits of Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment consultants have the advantage of an extensive database of candidates ready with them. This allows them to promptly refer the most suitable candidate for any suitable job role. Also, they help in shortlisting of resumes and conduct interviews, which is an added advantage for the corporates. In addition, job consultants can also provide a range of other HR solutions.

Recruitment Consultants in the Capital

Over the years, a number of job consultants have come up in the country, but most of them provide staffing solutions only within the country. Job consultants have also come up in the Indian capital, New Delhi. However, there are very few overseas recruitment consultants in Delhi who have experience in providing services to the top corporates it the world.

Top Staffing Consultants

ABC Consultants is one of the prime overseas recruitment consultants in Delhi, having over 40 years of experience in providing services to corporates in various sectors. In addition to its offices in eight Indian cities, it also has an overseas office in Dubai.