Bad Work Habits - Eight Behaviors You Need to Break Now

Bad work habits such as bragging won't make you an awful person, but they may cost you your job.

Besides the behaviors already given in "Nine of the Worst Behaviors You Should Avoid at Work" are eight more habits you need to break now.


Planned or not, arriving late every morning and returning late from breaks show disrespect to your boss and your co-workers who exert effort to be prompt. While you're sometimes late because of external and unforeseen events, if it happens every day, maybe you must adjust your alarm clock.


One of those bad work habits that creates more work for your colleagues and leaves a few important tasks undone is poor attendance. With it, you show you don't care about your co-workers, your duties, and the company's success.


Career experts claim that chronic procrastinators who delay tough (and boring) tasks often make more mistakes, miss deadlines, and create irrelevant solutions. Hence, bad work habits such as procrastination not only affect you but the company, too. Don't wait for your boss to fire you because you're useless. Change your outlook now.


Are you fond of telling jokes inside the office? Be careful. Skip the rude and offensive ones (e.g. racially targeted jokes) and be cautious with sensitive topics such as religion and politics.


A messy desk and nonstop chat with your colleagues make you an inept employee. Know that your co-workers report to the office to work and not to socialize. Organize your things, avoid long talks with colleagues, and focus on your work.


When someone gives you something, thank him or her. When you ask for something, say "Please." If you need to interrupt someone, excuse yourself. If you don't know someone, introduce yourself. Manners are important in the workplace; thus, don't be rude. Likewise, if you have nothing nice to say, just keep your mouth shut.


While independence may be good sometimes, doing a task on your own must not be a common practice. As said by career gurus, leaders experience more success at work because their colleagues support them whenever problems arise.


Weak handshake, eye rolling, and avoiding eye contact in the workplace are bad work habits that may kill your career. When colleagues, managers, and clients perceive your non-verbal communication habits as unprofessional and rude, such may affect your career.

Though bad work habits won't dismiss you from work, their growing effect over time can. Likewise, they may isolate you from others in the office, affecting everything from your ability to do the job to your overall performance. If you want to advance in your career, make sure you practice only habits valuable to the company.

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