Pitching Point of Sale - Hospitality Students Present Their Findings

Evergreen promotes, supports, and facilitates students being involved in the community, as a way to further their education and develop a network of local businesses and organizations. Students from our hospitality program provide a great example of exactly this goal when they completed their Point of Sale (POS) projects as part of their hospitality course.

An integral part operations in any hotel, restaurant, or store, the point of sale system processes, records and tracks sales and services. Every time you order something at a restaurant or check-in to a hotel the staff is using a POS system to process the transaction.

Being something that students will frequently use throughout their careers, Hospitality program instructor Gavin designed a two-week long section devoted solely to this topic; however, instead of lecturing, Gavin asked students to pair up and research a POS system. Teams were tasked with creating a written report complete with a record of all research done, handouts, and a 15-minute presentation to introduce and explain their POS system.

While every team did a great job, one team, in particular exemplified excellence - Camilla and Priscillia who chose the TeamBistro POS system. Voted the best team by their fellow classmates, the pair delivered a polished presentation that was both informative, interesting, and professional.

What really set Camilla and Priscillia apart was all the work and preparation that went into their final submission. To become experts of the TeamBistro POS system they went out into the community and connected with the businesses that use the system on a daily basis.

"We visited several restaurants and spoke with the managers of the system. The first one we met related his experience and even sent us articles about the system. Another manager walked us through how to use it and gave us the time to play around with the interface. It really helped to be able to explain exactly how it works and what makes the system unique from other POS programs."

Taking it a step further Camilla and Priscillia even contacted the head office of the TeamBistro system and managed to get in touch with the sales team, who graciously provided them with plenty of invaluable information. The value of their hard work was not lost on either student, who were both happy to receive the recognition of their peers and valuable contacts they made in the process of their studies.

To complete the POS section, students were tested the following class on the various POS systems that were presented, ensuring that students walked away with a comprehensive understanding of multiple systems. The project has been a great success and Instructor Gavin is certainly happy with the results.

"The students all responded really well to the idea from the start. They were all fully committed to, showed up on time, put in a lot of hard work, it showed when they presented. I'm especially happy with the amazing job Camilla and Priscillia did with their TeamBistro presentation."

Projects like this, that push students beyond lectures and into the workplace, connecting the ideas with the application is just one of the reasons students choose Evergreen College.