Careers That Don't Require a College Degree

There are plenty of careers that you can get without a college degree, although most call for either trade school documentation or just work experience in the industry.

For those who have decided to not enroll in a four year college, or are searching for a fresh start at a brand new career, you should be aware of the different jobs available. There are also specialized certificate programs for those who are already working in a specific field and are not for those with limited work experience.

Listed below are several different professions that require a certification program as opposed to a four year college degree.

Professional #1: Medical Assistant: For those who have general skills and experience, but do not have the funds needed to get a bachelor's degree in the health-care industry; there are certification programs that can offer a boost to your career.

A professional clinical medical assistant will need to know about various clinical and medical procedures, in addition to many management roles.

Professional #2: Truck Driving: Following six to eight weeks of education, and once you receive your commercial driver's license, you may make $45,000 or even more as a truck driver. Deliver the results and work up the career ladder in order to become a trainer, allowing you to make more than $70,000 annually.

Team drivers, people with hazmat certifications, as well as others can make diverse salaries as well. You have to be able to deal with the dullness of driving, and cope with working away from home.

Professional #3: Real Estate Broker: To become a real-estate broker, you will need to take a few classes to become licensed, but it is still a lot less of an expense than getting a four year college degree.

You will end up trying selling houses in addition to processing the paper work for the deal and assisting with the loan contracts.

Those who have passed high school can get the license necessary for real estate dealings, however if you are contemplating this career you need to be very friendly and have versatile hours since you will most likely be operating on your clients' agendas.

Professional #4: Photographer: Becoming a photographer takes commitment to one's work along with an excellent eye for creative detail. This kind of career might also require you to travel in order to get the best camera shot for the project.

This career could pay well with virtually no educational experience needed, though a certification will help you stand out.

Professional #5: Foreign Language Specialist: In numerous occupations, specifically customer service, understanding several languages can provide a substantial career boost.

Demonstrating that you are experienced in those languages is much easier with a certificate of foreign languages. There are numerous tests and accreditation offered through community colleges.

Professional #6: Salesperson: For anyone with the right capabilities, sales can be a financially gratifying job with no need for a college degree. A salesman might operate on a commission structure, or base pay along with a commission.

Either way, how much you get is determined by how well you sell products, whether you are selling real estate, wholesale products, clothes, or used cars.

According to what you do, you may have to get a certification or become certified. A person with the right skills can make well over six figures annually, though this usually requires a massive amount of work and dedication.

With these skills, you can even your own business selling various products.