Why Are Your Top Employees Quitting On You?

Why Are Your Top Employees Quitting On You?

Statistics have consistently pointed to a high level of discontent in the UK workforce; one survey a few years ago by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), for instance, found that 47% of respondents wished to change their jobs, with more than a fifth of them interested in doing so within 12 months.

Now, unwanted turnover due to employees leaving you is one thing when those staffers are easy enough to replace; but what about your top performers?

Key to your Recruitment Process Management needs to be an understanding of why your best workers become inclined to look for pastures new, and what you can do to stop that. So, here are just some of the frequent causes of their departures.

Their Expectations Aren't Being Met

High-performing employees have high expectations - that might seem an obvious point, but have you properly considered whether your own biggest 'stars' are receiving remuneration in line with what they could expect elsewhere in your sector, or have a great work-life balance?

Anything from basic pay and bonuses to training opportunities and the scope for flexible hours could be a cause of disappointment among your finest workers. You therefore need to give them as little obvious incentive to leave your company as possible.

Their Higher Productivity Goes Unrecognised

With research cited by Harvard Business Review finding that the best performers can be as much as 400% more productive than average performers, you really need to ensure you are recognising and acknowledging this from your own top employees - after all, that's a lot of extra work.

How would you like it if you went well beyond the expected minimum time after time with the work that you did, only for another worker to land a bonus because their name was pulled out of a hat for the honour of 'employee of the month'?

At best, such workers of yours will probably cease to put in quite as much additional effort so often. At worst, they could very easily be eyeing the exit door.

They Aren't Surrounded By Other High Performers

Generally, speaking, the best people are always looking at the ways they can become better - that's how they ended up becoming so good in the first place.

To that end, they love to be surrounded by other people at the very highest level - people who will help to drive them to new heights of professional development and success.

As for if such fellow high performers are absent... well, don't be surprised if they start looking for other employers where they can be accompanied by more of their own kind.

Is your recruitment process management delivering in all of the ways it could and should? If not, get on the phone to Webrecruit - we're always on standby to assist you in sourcing the talent that will best serve your organisation's growth goals and needs going forward.