Best Time to go For The PMP Certification Training

According to PMI, the new format for the PMP® certification exam is scheduled to be implemented from 26 March 2018. This means anyone who is going to take the PMP® exam prior to the date will undergo the topics based on the PMBOK Guide fifth edition.

It is obvious that many of us may have the question whether to get certified before March 2018 or after March 2018. The most humble answer to the question is to get certified as early as possible before the new format hits the market.

The justification for the answer is given below:

For many of us, new things are always vague. Likewise, we are not aware of the surprises that the new exam format will bring in terms of the questions, difficulty levels, and scoring methods.

Are you aware that the PMI has recently changed the scoring scale from 3-level domain proficiency rating to 4-level proficiency rating, which means you already need to put more efforts to clear the existing exam.

You can find abundant training materials and information resources for the current PMBOK edition, however, you'll feel restricted for the new format.

To pass the new exam, you must put double efforts to ensure that nothing has left behind.

However, one good thing about the new exam is that

Getting certified on the PMBOK guide Sixth edition will disclose your updated skills on the project management practices, which eventually doubles your market value.

What should I do now?

If you're aiming to clear the certification exam based on the PMBOK fifth edition, then you should act upon immediately. The days are counting, and you've left with only 5 more months to prepare for the exam. Understand the severity and plan accordingly, make sure to hit the floor with no stone left unturned. To help you out, we have a plan ready for you and what all you need to do is just stick to it.

So, what's the Game Plan!!

It will be good to start with a self-assessment informing your core intent/goal behind taking the PMPexam because any action plan without a proper motive will not be that fruitful. So, if you're aspiring for the certification exam then you should be ready to explain the practical value the credentials will draw for you in terms of the career progression. When the motive is defined, start looking for a registered training provider and enroll for the PMP®certification course.

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