Choosing The Perfect Promotional Tent For Your Business Promotion

Promoting your brand is no doubt an important aspect of running your business. Do you often go on trade shows and bazaars to promote products and services? Being part of these events is crucial not only to show your products or services to potential clients but also to network with other entrepreneurs. One critical marketing tool that you need to prepare is your promotional marquee, tent, or gazebo. You can choose from three types of promotional tents for business branding:

Freestanding pole tents

If you want an easy-to-install marquee for any event or tradeshow, freestanding pole tents are a good option. This product can be deployed in almost any location. Since it does not require stakes and straps, it can be installed on almost any surface. The legs of these promotional tents are adjustable so that the height is customized according to your needs. Different colours and configurations are available. To ensure that you are getting the right size and the highest quality tents for your money, consult expert marquee providers and explore your choices. Experienced suppliers adjust to client's needs based on the budget, type, model and style. The best suppliers can deliver fast and with no freight charges in NZ to save you even more money.

Apex shade tents

Another option that you can get is the Apex Shade tent. It has ground pegs to secure the tent, plus centre poles to create height on the tent. This type of promotional marquee boasts has several selling points, including the fact that it is easy to transport, light, and simple to assemble. It can be a good choice for larger shading applications that free-standing pole tents cannot handle. Be sure to check the fabric used on the tent. It should be waterproof and should provide 100 percent U/V protection. Ask the supplier where your logo and branding will be printed for maximum exposure.

Instant event tents

These kinds of promotional tents have commercial grade PVC roofs, galvanised steel poles, and rigid anchoring straps and stakes. This type of gazebo is also easy to transport and set up. It is a great promotional tool because of its wide area of fabric where the logo and brand of your business can be printed.