Discover The Reasons Why People Go Crazy For Land Rover

Featuring a signature British design, state-of-the art technologies and beastly performance, Land Rover is one of the most celebrated luxury car brands worldwide. Apart from these, there are other reasons as to why people purchase this amazing car.

Various Body Options

Whether you purchase a new or used Land Rover, you can choose from a wide range of civilian vehicles. They are as follows: 3 various wheelbase lengths, utility wagon, country spec, soft-top. hard-top, hi cap, double cap, truck cab, chassis cab and XS plush options of above.

Land Rover has its own "Special Vehicles Department", which provide extra, specialized outfittings. No other company offers this kind of variety.


If you put a huge importance to practicality, then a used Land Rover in Dubai is your way to go. The interiors of this brand are made of materials that can stand the test of time and can be hosed down. Moreover, carpets and fabrics resist moisture and mud. Another feature that makes this brand perfect for off-roading and adventures is a rear load space that carries almost anything.

X Factor

Another reason why people prefer to purchase Land Rover is because of its X Factor. The Defender is one of the models embodying this, making it a chic and trendy vehicle that never goes out of style.

Impressive Off-Road Abilities

Land Rover has a special place in the heart of farmers due to its 'go anywhere capability'. It is designed for journeys into the sea, across a beach, across side slopes and through fords. Hence, whatever the road and weather conditions, every road trip will be as fun as possible.

Easy and Simple Maintenance

A number of iterations have already been made to Land Rover, but one thing that never changes is its simple construction and ease of maintenance.


The body and chassis of the Defender are extremely modular and the interior load space is huge. Thanks to the flat outer panels, you can mount anything anywhere. There is also a full length roof rack that provides you with plenty of room for spares, fuel and equipment. Add to this the capability to run on low quality fuels and the wide availability of Land Rover parts, you will have the best road adventure by far.