Aimil Offers You an Automatic Weather Station For Meteorological Applications

What is Automatic Weather Station?

A surveying equipment, Total Station is integrated with EDMI (Electromagnetic Distance Measuring Instrument) and electronic theodolite. AWS is an automatic version of ancient weather station to save man power and as well as providing measurements from remote areas. It is made up of data loggers, rechargeable battery, telemetry and metrological sensors configured with wind turbine or solar panel. Such type of weather station also known as 'meteorological station' for measuring atmospheric conditions to collect information for weather forecast.

Nowadays, the mobile phone wireless technology and solar panel technology have made it possible to have wireless stations like Aimil AWS.

Aimil Automatic weather station made up of top quality sensors to cover all meteorological measurement needs, below are the few WMO guidelines for calculation and measurements.


How AWS works?

The AWS system can be switched with TCP/IP networks over GSM, Ethernet and GPRS modems. The TCP/IP protocol stack is embedded into the data logger and no external serials vs TCP/IP adapters are needed for better robustness and lower cost.

AWS is consisting of Datalogger enclosed in weather proof enclosure, Metrological sensor and mast to mount the sensors. We provide the standard solution with parameters as Amient Temperature, Ambient Relative humidity, Atmospheric pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Solar Radiation & rainfall.

We can customize on basis of customer requirements: We provide many sensors to make enhanced AWS systems to collect all types of Customers requirements

Below are the types of sensors used in automatic weather systems (AWS):

Other sensors are also available: Atmospheric Pressure & Visibility Sensor, Soil Temperature, Solar Radiation Sensor, Evaporation sensor, Soil Moisture, Net Radiometer, Leaf Wetness, and Leaf Temperature & Pyranometer Sensor.

Apart from above, we can customize the products as per the application.

It is designed for unattended monitoring remote sites which require high reliability, low power consumption and extended back-up battery capacity. The ease of implementation starts from the needs assessment through the standardized selection of options, and rapid delivery. The upgrading of the weather stations with additional sensors was designed for easy installation with a plug-and-play interface to allow for the immediate receiving of data.

Basic Application : High Channel Density with 14 slot PXI chassis