Use The Signal Booster to Get Strong 2G And 3G Signals Over Your Cell Phone

Talking over the phone is one of the best things that happened to mankind. And yet, it has problems. We sometimes do not hear anything at all. People increasingly become frustrated by the lack of proper network which leads to very low volume on the mobile phone.

Use a signal booster

So, what is the solution? You can figure it out if you understand the problem. The problem is that the phone is not able to receive the network coming from the transmission tower. There are many reasons for this. But, before we discuss the reasons, let us see the solution. The solution is to use a signal booster or a cell phone repeater. Choose the best 2G/3G Mobile Network Booster in Delhi so you get the best service.

The reason the signal is so poor is that the transmission tower is too far away. This happens to those who are far away from the city centre. The number of towers is less and if one is far away from the tower, the chances are that your network will be weak.

Check the obstructions

Another reason for the weak signal is the obstructions between you and the tower. If there is a hill or a tree, it might be enough to block out the signals. Or, if your office is located underground in the basement then the network might find it difficult to reach your phone.

The way forward is to use the signal booster or cell phone repeater. This is a small device you keep on the window sill. You can put the antenna on the roof top to increase the signal strength. This antenna picks up the faint network from the far away tower and amplifies it. A 1-bar signal now becomes 5-bar signal strength.

The 2G/3G Mobile Network Booster in Delhi will give you a signal booster that you can use in your home or office. You will not have any more dropped calls once you begin to use the signal booster. Improved signal strength gives you crystal clear phone calls.

Working of the cell phone repeater

When you make a phone call, it is picked up by the internal antenna and sent to the signal booster on the roof. Then, it is transmitted to the tower. So, your phone network is very strong and the person you call will receive a strong network and your voice remains strong and clear.

The things you need to get the 3G signals are the same as that you need for a 2G network boost. This includes an internal and external antenna and wire to connect the accessories. The signal repeater is an integral part of the whole set up. You might need more accessories depending on what you look for in your set up. Be sure to check the warranty before you proceed any further.

The problems with poor network and dropped calls are now a thing of the past. You can enjoy the boon of the mobile phone without the problems of weak signals. All you have to do is install a signal booster.