The Best Package Costs For Your DTH Connection!

I remember the scene so vividly. 16 cousins (the farthest living more than 3km away) snuggled up together to watch an episode of Shaktimaan or eagerly waiting for the coin toss before a cricket match. That is how connected TV viewing used to be. It almost brought us together as a family; not including all those remote fights though. You cannot deny that there is a special feeling that comes together when you are watching a movie, match or even the news as a family. Mind you, it is no different now - just that it's the nuclear family if you are lucky! Most of have individual TVs in rooms and do not even take the effort to spend an evening laughing/cheering/or even arguing for the remote together 

My home consists of my mother, my wife, my brother and my sister. Believe me, we have as varied interests as it can get. The catch though is that over the past year, we watch TV together every single day. How? We gave up all our individual subscriptions and TVs and have just one with all our packages combined. We were thinking of getting an upgrade to our list of favourite channels and even hand picking specific channels, but sometimes that just is not as feasible as you would think, right? Well, no.

It does take a fair bit to decide the packages you need and then look at some of the many providers in the country, here is an easy comparison on the packages and the cost benefits that come so that you can choose the best DTH service in India. However, getting a package and provider that is comprehensive would solve your problem completely.