5 Apps to Record Calls on Android

We spent many hours on the phone, communicating with our loved ones and for work purposes as well. There are times when conversations are significant, yet we forget the little details. It is sure that more than once we have repented for not being able to keep an important conversation. Whether for business or personal matters, sometimes it is important to keep certain conversations or to remember them later. If there are apps for international calls, there are also apps to record your meaningful discussions. If you are a busy self-employed person, a business woman, a college going guy, or just living far away from family, you surely receive unlimited calls and feel the need of recording your conversation. Recorders are part of the past, now you can do it with your mobile. These are the five apps for recording unlimited calls on Android.

Another issue is the legal subject. If you are part of the conversation, you can record it without problem but will not have legal effect if you do not tell the other person that you are recording.

Call Recording - ACR

Call Recording - ACR is a simple app where you can choose different recording formats. It has interesting features such as intelligent management of space on your device. You can record unlimited calls, just be mindful that the application automatically deletes old conversations unless you mark it as important. And you can to recordings by date, tag them with filters or protect recordings with passwords so no one can hear them.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is another reliable application that can record unlimited calls for you. If you have installed app for international calls, then try this out as well. You do not want to miss something important you talked about on last call, right? Configuration options allow you to choose to record all calls, choose specific contacts or those of unknown phones. Once the recording is complete, you can add notes and share them.

Call Recorder

Another call recording name with common name, yet quality service is the Call Recorder. With the app Call Recorder you can record all your calls easily so you can listen later and share them with whomever you want (for the Pro version only). The app keeps conversations in the cloud with password protected, which guarantees maximum privacy.

Smart Auto Call Recorder

Smart Auto Call Recorder provides advanced features to facilitate not only recording conversations from unlimited calls, but also their subsequent management. It is able to collect different sound sources, delete conversations automatically after a specified time or synchronize files. It also has a screen lock so no one can access the recorded conversations. Just like any app for international calls, this app for recording calls can be downloaded from Googe Play Store.

Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio is much more than just a call recording application. It does not only allow you to make voice recordings, but makes it more like a radio studio. With it you can make live podcasts or radio shows, mixing voices with music or adding all sorts of effects.

With Spreaker Studio you can interact with your audience very easily. When you have the file, you can share it on social networks and has a function of chat that enables your followers to discuss anything in real-time audio.

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